Tolbert, Tony

Cards: Topps 1990
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1991.

Tony Tolbert was drafted in the 4th round of 1989 (in Jerry Jones first draft) as an outside linebacker. (The Cowboys found him there because he was considered a tweener at 6″6′, 270. Tony would be an unsung cornerstone in the dynasty from a draft that produced Troy Aikman, Darryl Johnston, and Mark Stepnoski.) Tolbert started as a ‘designated pass rusher’ and then nailed down the left defensive end position (in 1990) that was formerly held by Cowboys great Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones, holding it for eight seasons.  Over the 90s he notched more sacks than any player on the Cowboys and in 1996 was named to the Pro Bowl, and first team All Pro making 12 sacks.  Tony constantly suffered from chronic knee problems, and over his career with the team had 7 knee surgeries, -which eventually led to his release in 1997. In 2007 he had both knees replaced.

Games  144      Tac   531         Sac 59        Fum  7           Int  1               Yds  54         Avg   54.0       Td  1