Turner, Elbert

Card: StarPics 1992
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oilers Training Camp 1992

In 1992, speedster and flanker Elbert Turner was drafted by the Houston Oilers in the seventh round. The Oilers had lost two receivers during Plan B in the off-season and were hoping that Turner would be one of those guys to fit the bill in their run and shoot offense.  I’d get his autograph during training camp in San Antonio. Unfortunately he didn’t make the final cut with the team, but was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals who hoped to put his world class speed and All-American hurdling skills to the test.  Elbert would stick on their practice squad for that season and 1993. He’d head to Canada to keep playing football, and eventually hook on with the Saskatchewan Roughriders where he’d suit up for 15 games and through 1995 before retiring.