Arnold, Jahine

Autograph Memorabilia
Stampede Inaugural Magazine Austin Wranglers
Acquired: Gift 2004

My cousin got me a game program full of autographs back in 2004, that I found recently when digging through some boxes.

Jahine Arnold came to the Austin Wranglers in 2004 after a stint with the Los Angeles Avengers and Tampa Bay Storm in 2003. ¬†Previously he spent 2 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers utilized primarily as a backup returner, but injuries limited his effectiveness and he was traded to Green Bay. He’d be drafted by the Birmingham Thunderbolts of the XFL in 2001 and was waived in camp, but was quickly signed by the Memphis Maniax.

After retiring from pro football Arnold spent some time as a web designer and in real estate, however in 2007 he was tragically diagnosed with the same progressive liver disease as Walter Payton.Currently fighting what is known as Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, Jahine has established a foundation and refuses to go down. ¬†On top of that without insurance, Arnold has been battling with the Social Security Administration for the benefits he should be entitled to. He’s been involved in kids football camps in his spare time as well.