Brown, Tim

Cards: ProSet 1989, ProSet 1991, Score 1989
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1990, 1992

In the history books of modern American Football, Tim Brown stands near the top of the elite wide receivers. The 1987 Heisman winner from the golden domes of Notre Dame (and the first wide receiver to win the honor), Brown was drafted  in the first round of the 1988 draft with the 6th pick overall by the then Los Angeles Raiders. An impressive physical specimen with a total package, of speed, quickness, hands, consistency, and durability, Brown in his first season in the NFL lead the NFL in a variety of kick and punt return categories while racking up over 700 yards receiving. When all was said and done and the dust cleared Brown would own many Raider records, including most games played (224), receptions, yards, and punt return yards.  In his rookie season  Brown would lead the NFL with 1542 punt and kick return yards, and in 1997 would lead the NFL with 104 receptions. He’d also be named to the Pro Bowl 9 times, and the NFL All 90’s team. Tim Brown was not a noisy playmaker, but he quietly amassed incredible numbers that at the time of his retirement left him tied for 3rd all time in receiving touchdowns,  second in yardage, third in receptions and fifth in yards from scrimmage.  He also had incredible streaks that underlined his longevity. An NFL record 10 seasons with 75 or more catches and consecutive starts at wide receiver at 176.

Brown may have even left a bigger mark on the record books if in his final 3 seasons he wasn’t slowly phased out of the offense by owner Al Davis and former coach Norv Turner. In his final season the team asked him to take an even more reduced role to which Tim balked and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a season. To say that owner Al Davis and Tim Brown had a difficult relationship (at least from the outside world) would be  considered a conservative estimate as Brown had no problem expressing his dismay for his treatment at the hands of his owner, but regardless of their feud and problems, after his final season in 2005, Tim signed a one day contract with the Oakland Raiders and retired.

Since football Tim has  been involved with NASCAR, on the FSN Network and was inducted into the College Football HoF in 2009. It was widely hoped that in 2010 he’d also make it into the NFL HoF in his first year of eligibilty, but he was passed by while the #1 receiver of all time Jerry Rice was enshrined. He made the first cut of the current list and hopes to make it to the HoF in 2011.

Josh and I had a certain respect for Tim Brown, who was a Dallas native. Josh had always hoped that Brown would hop ship from the Raiders to the Cowboys and I always would destroy Josh throwing to Tim Brown on Tecmo Super Bowl.

G/Gs  255/202   Rec 1094     Yds 14934     Avg 13.7    Td 100     Lg 80T
Kr 49     Yds 1235     Avg 25.2      Td 1    Lg  97   |
Pr 326   Yds 3230    Avg  10.2     Td  3   Lg 88