Daniel, Eugene

Card: ProSet 1990
Acquired: TTM 1993, Colts Blitz

Speedy defensive back Eugene Daniel was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 8th round of the 1984 draft. Another one of these Louisianan products to sneak through to the NFL from LSU, Eugene Daniel was a highly underrated cornerback during his career and was considered a long shot to make the team roster. He turned out to be a complete cover corner, that had the speed to play both man to man defense and zone coverage.

His NFL debut was a splash, as he made 14 interceptions from 1984-1985. Over the rest of Daniel’s career he wouldn’t come close to attaining those numbers, but was relied on for his durability and consistency as a cover cornerback who could fence the run. Eugene Daniel and Wayne Capers in 1985 were the first team duo from the Colts to be named defensive and offensive players of the week together against the Packers that season. In 1986, he’d recover a blocked punt and return it for a touchdown against the Falcons. It would prove decisive as the Colts would win 28-23 and kickoff a 3 game winning streak for the team. Eugene in 1993 also made a critical interception of Boomer Esiason that set up the game winning score against the Jets. It’d be his only pick of the season.

Daniel played for some garishly bad Colts teams which never finished with more than 9 wins. This probably led to him not receiving as much acclaim as he probably should have gotten. He’d play one final season in Baltimore (for the Ravens) in 1997. This is interesting to note, because Daniel was drafted the year the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis, but he’d retire from the NFL in Baltimore.  Over his career Eugene led the Colts in interceptions 3 times, and tied for the NFL lead in 1985 with 8 thefts- but never made the Pro Bowl or was named AP.

Regardless, Daniel did in the meantime sneak into the Colts record books for most games played consecutively (185) which has been since taken by the venerable Peyton Manning. He also appeared on Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo SuperBowl, and Tecmo SuperBowl Final Edition.

A great autograph, Daniel signed this card during one of my early bulk team send outs in the 1990s. Otherwise, word is that he is an elusive TTMer.

G/Gs 207/191    Tac 735   Sac 2   Fum 2
Int 38   Yds 483    Avg 12.7   Td 3    lg 97t