Dishman, Cris “Dish”

Cards: Game Day 1992, SkyBox 1992
Acquired: TTM 1993, C/o The Houston Oilers
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A Jerry Glanville apostle, Cris Dishman was a fiery and noisy defensive back out of Purdue. Drafted in the 5th round of the 1988 draft, Dishman was considered the Cortland Finnegan of his time-  a trash talking annoyance and dirty player to opposing wide receivers.  Playing both corner and special teams in his rookie season, he  recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown from teammate Eugene Seale.  In 1989, Dishman began to develop making 4 interceptions and blocked 2 punts and a field goal, however Dish had a penchant for self-destructive behavior and personal fouls. Unable to tolerate this behavior from the team and its failure to advance further into the playoffs,  owner Bud Adams fired coach Jerry Glanville. In comes straight laced, no nonsense coach Jack Pardee who converts the defense to a 4-3. These would begin the years of Dishman’s redemption and rebirth.

Dishman would make 4 more interceptions in 1990 and would score 62 tackles along with it, but 1991 would be his year. Named AP and to the Pro Bowl, Dishman would have a streak of 7 games with a turnover. His season totals would be 6 picks, 3 fumble recoveries and 66 tackles.  1992 statistically would be a down year marred by a contract hold out, but he’d again mount another 6 interception season while forcing 4 fumbles in 1993 under defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan.  He was robbed by not receiving a Pro Bowl nod. In 94 as the team would sink, Dishman would return his first interception for a touchdown. He’d notch 4 in 94 and 3 in 95.  The Oilers were eager to resign him, and made him their franchise player, but with frustration mounting Cris would not have a good season in 1996 only pulling down a pick. The Oilers would not opt to resign Dishman after the 1996 season and would sign via free agency with the Washington Redskins.

In 1997, Cris would be named to the Pro Bowl as an alternate. He made 4 picks and 2 fumbles, one of which he’d return for a touchdown.  Dishman would play one more season with the Redskins before moving on to play for the Chiefs for 1999. Dishman would have another good season with 5 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. He’d return a pick and a fumble improbably against the Raiders for a touchdown in the same game, but the Chiefs would inexplicably not resign the veteran.  Cris would sign with the Vikings and start 9 games making one pick before retiring in 2000.

Dishman has gone into coaching, working his way up from college and currently assists defensive backs with the San Diego Chargers. Definitely most remembered for his time during the third heyday of the Houston Oilers and their twilight years, Dishman was a high risk/ reward corner over his career.  He recorded 8 touchdowns, 43 interceptions, 15 FF and 16 FR over his career.

G/Gs  199/165      Tac  668       Sac 1.5      Fum 15   Int  43      Yds  550        Avg  12.8     Td  3    Lg 49