Sacca, Tony

Cards: Action Packed Rookies 1992, Classic 1992, Classic Blister 1992
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 8/25   Received: 9/12 (17 days)

Tony Sacca played quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions from 1988-1991. Ol’ Joe Patero was a notorious proponent of the ground game, especially with Blair Thomas in the backfield through 1990, but a trial by fire his Freshman season provided Tony with the chance to start. Although the team started off roughly, by 1991 Sacca had adjusted to the college game and had turned into a fairly solid prospect.  When he graduated from Penn State he was tied as the school’s all-time leader for touchdown passes in a career (41) and a game (five). He was also second in passing yards in his career (5,869) and also in single season yardage (2,488).

The Phoenix Cardinals were looking for answers at quarterback during the 1992 draft and took Sacca with their 2nd round pick. With Timm Rosenbach in the fold, the team hoped to groom Sacca as his backup, but Tony’s career would be short-  completing only 4-of-11 passes with two interceptions in his rookie season. By 1994 he’d be cut, but later signed with the retooled WLAF in 1995, which had renamed itself the NFLE. He’d be selected by the Barcelona Dragons, and backup Casey Weldon at quarterback.

After 2 seasons in Europe, Tony retired to pursue coaching. In 2007, Tony would be stricken with pneumonia which would lead to his hospitalization. He luckily recovered from it and lives in Delran, New Jersey to this day.