Slack, Reggie


Card: Ultimate WLAF 1991
Acquired: In Person 1992, Houston Oilers Training Camp
Failure: TTM 2010, C/o Home

Reggie Slack out of Auburn was flat out raw talent who just won games.  Drafted in the 12th round by the Houston Oilers in 1990, I had a really good feeling about this guy and when he was able to play during the preseason- I was just glued to the TV. Reggie would win the 3rd string quarterback position backing up Cody Carlson and Warren Moon. He would not take a snap during the regular season, but in the 1991 off season Reggie would be made available to the WLAF for the 1992 season. The Run N Shoot counterpart to the Oilers, the New York/ New Jersey Knights, would draft Slack to play quarterback for the team.  He’d play great for the team both as a passer and as a runner,  finishing second in the WLAF in passer rating with 98.2 score.  As a rusher he led all quarterbacks with 269 yards and 5 touchdowns. (His 7.7 yard average is unofficially the highest yards per carry for any player in the league but his 35 carries did not qualify him for the achievement.) Unfortunately the WLAF would fold after the 1992 season. Slack would return to Houston, but would lose out to fan favorite Bucky Richardson for 3rd string.

Reggie would leave the United States and head to Canada where he signed with the Toronto Argonauts where he played respectably before being traded to Hamilton in 1994.  In 1995 Slack would sign with the Birmingham Barracudas, but after 3 games he’d quickly return to the Blue Bombers where Reggie became a fan favorite. As Winnipeg fell apart in 1996, Reggie would see more playing time but was not in the future of the franchise. Undeterred Slack would then sign with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and lead the team to an improbable Grey Cup appearance igniting the team in the playoffs for two upset victories. He’d continue playing for the Roughriders over the next two seasons but personal issues and injures would take their toll and by 2000, he’d be out of football. Reggie returned in 2002, playing for Toronto that season and in 2003 for the Tiger-Cats before retiring after 2003.

Slack was a guy that I thought was the quarterback of the future for the Oilers when they drafted him. An electric player to watch who was fearsome on the option, I am glad Reggie found success in the CFL.  I sent out for his autograph on a WLAF Wild Card that really captured the essence of his build, but well over a year has passed and I suspect I will never hear back from him.  Below are his WLAF and CFL statistics.

G/Gs  N/a     Att  215       Comp 140            Yds  1898       Pct 65.1%          Td 12          Int 7            Rat 98.2
Rush 35      Yds  269       Avg  7.7         Td  5            Lg   29

G/Gs  N/a    Att  2188     Comp  1241     Yds  16173  Pct  56.7   Td  84    Int  75 |
Rush  383    Yds   2578    Avg  6.7    Lg  48     Td   27

Reggie Slack throwing to Alexander Wright: