St. Clair, Bob “The Geek” (1931-2015)

Card: ProSet 1990 HoF
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home (signing fee)
Sent: 2/3 Received: 3/10 (38 days)

Bob St. Clair was an anomaly in a league where most players today- move around to different cities and stadiums on a regular basis. Bob played 189 games in the same stadium and later it would be renamed from Kezar to St. Clair in his honor because of this. Drafted in the 3rd round of the 1953 draft, St. Clair quickly garnered the nickname “The Geek” for his penchant for eating raw meat and his pure size (6′ 9″, 263). At that time he was considered one of the largest tackles in the history of the game and easily engulfed opposing defensive linemen on both passing and rushing downs. He’d play 10 seasons with distinction (5 Pro Bowls and 4 as All Pro)  and is simply considered the 49ers greatest offensive tackle of all time. An astounding special teams player, Bob would also occasionally see time in goal line and special teams situations, blocking 10 field goals in one season (1956), and lost 5 teeth once blocking a punt. St. Clair was a dominating presence. (By modern standards Darrell Green is considered the record holder in field goals blocked in a season with 4, and there are multiple players tied for the career honor at 10.  Bob blocked 10- in a season.) He’d retire in 1964 due to a nagging Achilles heel injury.

Since that time Bob has served as mayor of Daly City, Ca, and also owns a liquor store that still bears his name. In 1990, St. Clair was inducted into the Pro Football HoF as a senior nominee. The HoF itself is a statistically driven league and it is very nice that St. Clair, one of the best lineman of all time did get his day in the sun- however there is a dearth of offensive lineman in the hall.  I sent out for his autograph earlier this year- to which it was returned requesting a 10.00 signing fee. (Obviously I resent it and within a month or so I had his autograph on his card.)

UPDATE – On February 24th 2015, St. Clair suffered a broken hip but complications later set in. He passed away on Monday, April 20th 2015.