Winston, Eric

Card: Playoff Prestige 2006
Acquired: TTM 2009, Texans Blitz

Eric Winston wsa be drafted by the Houston Texans in the 3rd round of the 2006 draft. A gifted and intelligent blocker, Winston would form a building block of the Houston Texans massively improved pass defense. The Texans offense used to be something where opposing teams defenses licked their chops knowing Houston was on their schedule- however with the addition of players like Eric Winston and others, the team ¬†saw a quick turn around on the offensive line and cut down their sacks immediately. Over the past few years, Winston has come into his own and as of 2010 borderlines on Pro Bowl caliber talent. Unfortunately the underlying stigma still remains that Houston has bad pass protection, despite the team’s offensive improvement over the last 5 years.