Hess, Billy “Bill”

ULT92 hessjo95 hess

Cards: Ultimate WLAF 1992, Jogo 1995
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Work
Sent: 7/15    Received: 8/24  (40 days)

Billy Hess at the time of his departure from West Chester University was the school’s all-time leading receiver with 2,729 yards and 19 touchdowns. Playing both ways at the tiny college, in his senior year he caught 47 passes for 833 yards and 11 Tds while also recording 23 tackles and 3 interceptions.  He’d be signed by the Eagles as a free agent in 1989, and then by the Cardinals in 1990.

The San Antonio Riders decided to draft Bill in the 4th round with the 37th pick of the 1991 WLAF wide receiver pool draft.  A crafty receiver who runs good routes and has solid hands, Hess caught 28 passes for 399 yards and 2 touchdowns from quarterbacks Jason Garrett, Lee Saltz, and Mike Johnson.  He had his best game against the Skyhawks catching 2 passes for 63 yards and a touchdown. After the season he resigned with the Eagles.

Later on he’d go on to play for the San Antonio Texans of the CFLUSA in 1995. A possession receiver, Hess caught 28 passes for 333 yards in 12 games from QB David Archer in the slot. He’d play one final season in the CFL after it folded the USA franchises with the Ottawa Rough Riders before retiring.

As of 2013 he works in real estate in the greater Philadelphia area. I was scouring the web and got lucky on this hit. As I get further and further along in my attempts to track down members of the WLAF, it has gotten progressively more difficult to find some of these players. Bill was also nice enough to include a Jogo 95 and a note for me as well thanking me for bringing back some great memories.

WLAF    Rec  28    Yds 399    Avg     Td 2