Kirkendoll, James (2)

Acquired: In person 6/10/12, 610 Houston Fan Fest
See also: James Kirkendoll “JT Kirk” 

So James wanted a copy of his Upper Deck cards from me at the 2012 Ribfest, but I only had one of them. I could see how sad he was so I volunteered to send him a couple of them there at the Titans practice facility.  Seeing that the 610 Fan Fest was coming up and that he had volunteered to man a table, I detoured from the original plan to send them to him, and just decided to give them to him at Fan Fest in person.

I ran into other like minded fans at the event, but I was not being as aggressive as they were catching the players who were naive enough to wander around the event unescorted past the throngs waiting in line. With their help I was able to find Kirkendoll and Studdard before they even got to the floor, saving me precious time waiting for them later.

I introduced myself again to JT and gave him 4 or 5 copies of the cards. He was very thankful and told me he hadn’t found them anywhere. I told him he should check his facebook more often and he chuckled and said he’d friend me, but really to me it was nothing since he was considered an Austinnite to me. He nicely signed two photos of himself that I had pulled from the web.