Still, Devon

Card: Sage Hit Low 2012
Acquired: 4/27/12, Box Breaker

At 6’5″, 303 Devon Still is considered one of the most NFL ready defensive linemen in the 2012 draft.   He has massive size to clog lanes on the inside and occupy blocks, displaying good technique to beat double teams,  the ability to get to the passer, and the power to bowl over would-be blockers. He has been a reliable and productive player throughout his time at Penn State and is considered an almost immediate starter to the run defense hungry team that might draft him. Still is a strong player who gets off the line quickly for his size and shows the explosion to blow back offensive guards into their own backfield. He excels as a run defender by using his strength to occupy a blocker while he reads the play and reacts, which is ideal for a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. He has the ability to use hand technique and footwork to remove himself from blocks and get in the backfield. For a massive nose tackle, he is an above-average pass rusher who can use an array of swim and dip moves to get to the passer.  In his final year at Penn State Devon recorded 55 tackles, 17 for losses, 4.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble.
The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Still with the 21st pick of the 2012 draft.  He’ll spell Geno Atkins at DT his rookie season as he learns the more complicated pro ropes. The Bengals needed him as they were badly exposed in the playoffs by the Texans who had all day to pass and run against them in both the 2011 and 2012 playoffs. Playing in 8 games in 2012, Devon recorded 7 tackles and 2 PD. He had 14 tackles, .5 sacks and a forced fumble through week 8 of 2013, but an elbow injury has left him shelved much of the season.