Bowman, Adarius

Card: Topps RP 2008
Acquired: 5/11/12, Target Authentic Autograph Memorabilia

Things seem to be looking up for Adarius Bowman, who’s professional career had been rocky since his senior year at Oklahoma State in 2008. A highly regarded receiver at one point, injuries left questions about Bowman’s durability, and combined with a slow 40, doomed Adarius to free agency.

He’d eventually find a home in the CFL with the Saskatchewan Roughriders that season. In 2009, Bowman found himself traded to the Blue Bombers, putting up respectable numbers with 925 yards and 6 touchdowns. He’d play for Winnipeg through 2010, and then be signed by the Edmonton Eskimos in 2011, recording his first 1,000 yard season. He’s┬áhad a few frustrating injury plagued seasons, but in 2013 he reupped with Edmonton with a 2 year deal.

Wow, Topps never seems to outdo itself with this uglier than ugly card. Even the Photoshop mask of Bowman, seems shoddy. What is he on, a TV monitor? I’m confused. Does the BOW refer to BOWMAN or does it refer to Bowman cards? Just a horrible, horrible entry that Topps should forever be embarrassed by.