Quiroga, Robert “Q”

TNTAFL11 RQuirogaCard: TNT AFL 2011, TNT AFL Talons 2014
Acquired: Acquired: IP, 3/1/14  Talons Season Ticket Party, 5/3/14 San Antonio Talons vs. Iowa Barnstormers

During Robert’s college career at Baylor, he caught 131 passes for 1,478 yards and 9 TDs in 46 games. Starting his career with the Los Angeles Avengers in 2006, Quiroga was a two way star for the team, playing both receiver and linebacker.  His 2007 totals included 27 receptions and 11 TDs, 49.5 tackles and a fumble recovery.  In 2010, Q joined the roster of the Orlando Predators again playing both sides of the ball. The Predators liked Robert so much that they traded the Chicago Rush to get him back for 2011. Robert stepped into the starting line up and recorded a career high 1,553 yards and 26 TDs on 126 receptions. With the Talons now in San Antonio, Robert elected to play for his hometown team in 2012. He’d make 32 receptions for 457 yards and 11 TDs. Although he only made one start in 2013, Q is looking forward to returning to form in 2014.

tntafl14 quirogaRobert was the first player I got at the Talons Season Ticket Party. I started talking to some of the members of the staff, and I asked them where he was, and he turned around! We talked for a few minutes about his career, and time in Orlando with Nick Hill. He liked his card, but he lamented that it was a Predators card.

Since he wanted something different than his Predators card, I burnt the midnight oil and punched out this Talons card of Robert in no time. I really like how it turned out. After the Barnstormers game I had him sign the Talons card.  Too bad he signed it with a black marker before I could hand him my silver one…