Shipley, Jordan (2)

mem shipleyAcquired: 2013, GMC NFL Texas Tour
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I was not able to stay at the GMC event late on Saturday when Shipley was there, but because the sponsors of the show recognized me from the previous day, they asked me if I’d like an autograph. At first they offered me an additional Priest Holmes, but since I already had one they offered me any of the other players that were available that I’d like, so I took the Shipley as my prize. A great photo of Jordan here, it would do any receiver justice and make them proud. Just an absolutely exquisite action pose. For the GMC event, I was surprised that they spared no expense on these really nice Kodak photos. Remarkably they also are free of any logos or GMC promotional information on them.

Jordan was resigned, but did not make the roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012. I think he’d still make a nice slot fit for the Texans offense, but it looks like Shipley is getting little to no nibbles on the wire outside of a tryout with the New England Patriots. He lives in Central Texas and is an avid hunter.