Whittaker, Foswhitt “Fozzy” (2)

fwhittakerCard: SP 2012
Acquired: In person 2/24/2014, Rudy’s Ribfest 4
See Also: Fozzy Whittaker

I had gotten Fozzy at Fan Fest in Houston the previous year in 2013. He is really good with fans and at this event he was no different. After a bit of time on the practice squads of both the Cardinals and Chargers, he signed with the Browns where he remained the rest of the year.

A change in winds for the Browns led to questions about the roster from top to bottom. With Pat Shurmur sacked after 2012, and then Chudzinski in 2013, the Browns were looking in a new direction with former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.  In the meantime Fozzy recorded his first 2 NFL touchdowns as a change of pace receiver out of the backfield, including a career long 35 yard scamper.

When I asked Fozzy about what was going to happen to the team or the offensive set, he told me that he was just as in the dark as I was- but he was super excited for the future. Unfortunately he’d be one of the final cuts in 2014, but quickly found a home with the Carolina Panthers where as of midway through 2014 he remains.