Breen, Shannon

tnt14 sbreenCard: TNT AFL 2014
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent:  9/10   Received: 9/22  (12 days)

I had made a few cards for a client of mine who was a big Cleveland Gladiators friend, and decided to continue building out the AFL set on Twitter after the season had concluded. I expanded out most of the teams to at least 2 cards per set, and if I found the player I’d tweet them my art. Shannon saw what I had posted on one of the other player’s accounts and immediately hit me up for a copy of his own.  I always feel that the big men on the line get no love from card companies anymore. They are just not glamorous highlight reel stat building positions. Plus with the limited number of cards typically in sets, most of them rarely get around to the o-line.

Shannon was an All-Star tackle while playing for tiny West Virginia Wesleyan. Joining the ranks of the AFL in 2011 he played for the Green Bay Blizzard, and then in 2012, the Milwaukee Mustangs. He was a hotly pursued signee by no less than 4 AFL teams before choosing the Cleveland Gladiators. Since then he’s started 39 contests in 2 seasons for the club, and won Second Team All-Arena Honors in 2014 at Center.

A strong and well-conditioned lineman, he enjoys his offseason working and coaching at his Alma Mater.