Johnston, Daryl “Moose”

Cards: Playoff 1992, Topps 1992, Upper Deck Legends 2011
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent: 9/14  Received: 10/2 (21 days)
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I used to go to training camp for the Cowboys way back when they were in Austin. On one of the first days that I was there I got Daryl Johnston on his Topps 1990 rookie card.

A few years later I got the Topps 1992 and this Playoff 1992 card. I took them both to training camp with me, but never was able to get Johnston again. I don’t know whether or not he recognized me as a regular at camp, or that the Cowboys were too big for their britches and didn’t sign anymore, but he went from being a stellar in person signer to the classic ignorer, within 2 years. Part of me didn’t blame him if that was the case. The fences at training camp were a difficult to navigate with the throngs of fans who wanted autographs. Not to mention there were a lot of kids running over to the local card shop and selling all those autographs right afterwards. 

 Needless to say it’s great to see that Johnston is a pretty good signer TTM. When I uncovered this Upper Deck Legends card recently I went ahead and shot out these cards to him.  

All of these are great cards of Daryl. Once the card companies got wind of his popularity, solid play, and the Cowboys rise to prominence again, he became a regular in most of the card sets. He has a beautiful autograph, with a solid, encapsulating loop on the ‘J’.

Johnston is not a member of the NFL concussion litigation group. He instead is an advocate of proactive brain testing for players.