Polk, Chris

sage12 polkCard: HIT 2013
Acquired: 2014, Box Breaker

Chris was a 3 year starter for the Washington Huskies, and rushed for over 1,400 yards in both 2010 and 2011. With well over 4,000 total career yards, he finished second all time in Huskies history. Considered one of the top prospects of 2012, Chris had good size (5’11” and 222), and toughness between the tackles and displays supurb instincts and vision. He was thought to be a decent second round pick. Polk’s position however, tumbled out of the draft completely when concern about a nagging degenerative shoulder condition arose. He did become the most sought after free agent after the draft concluded, ¬†and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He’s been stuck at the back of the runningback rotation, but has shown promise in limited playing time and in special teams situations. In 2013, Chris rushed for 98 yards on 11 carries, and 3 touchdowns, and caught 4 passes for 61 yards and a TD as well.

A great card wasted by a lack of critical endorsements- I’d have thought that Polk had played for Ohio State the way this card looks, since he’s in his Senior Bowl duds. Thankfully the Seattle skyline is displayed in the background, but the name displayed on the front feels like a major faux pas.