Hilliard, Dalton (2)

Card: Topps 1990 1000 Yard Club
Acquired: 2018, Future Considerations
See Also: Dalton Hilliard

Lance comes to the rescue again with another autograph from Dalton Hilliard- a virtual no signer through the mail. Dalton has a stack of great cards, which I couldn’t find, but thankfully it just made this choice easier as this one really spoke to me after all these years.

I didn’t really like Topps back in those days. When I bought them at the 7-11 at the end of my day, they were they were filler in my collection. What was going for the set was that they were cheap. The 1000 Yard Club was an insert series that ran throughout the Topps football card brand for around 10 years. Beyond the week to week recap of the stas on the back, they were of a higher quality than the standard Topps issue (glossy), had an action shot and were usually a bit more ornate in design.  One was included in each pack. Everything about this card really screams 1990, from the hand written manuscript underneath the bold 1000, to the strong yellow border. Dalton’s autograph shows up nicely on this card.

Dalton’s nephew Kenny Hilliard also went to LSU and continues on in his uncle’s football footprints. Lance told me that Dalton was going to be signing at a casino with a few other Saints. I loaded him up with cards and hooked him up with Deadhorse who also needed Hilliard. Thankfully Hilliard was more than happy to sign whatever Lance brought imploring him to, “Bust them all out.”