Dieken, Doug

Cards: Topps 1979, Action Packed Whizzer White Award 1991
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 4/26 Received: 5/1 (6 days)

Playing at Illinois as an under-utilized TE, Doug Dieken had to wait until the 6th round of the 1971 NFL Draft to hear his name called by the Cleveland Browns. The Browns, recognizing his talent as an end sealing blocker, decided that Dieken was a better fit for offensive tackle. After learning the ropes for his rookie season, he moved into the starting lineup fulltime- a position he’d hold down for the next 12 seasons. Over that period Doug started a mammoth 193 consecutive games (while consecutively appearing in 203 games). At 6’5″, Dieken excelled as both a run and pass blocker, towering over opponents he faced on the line.

In 1983 Doug was recognized for his charitable work, earning the Byron Whizzer White Award. After retiring in 1984 Doug moved into the broadcast booth, and is considered one of the iconic players of the Browns franchise.

Doug really didn’t have any cards that stuck out- other than this post-career issued Whizzer White card, which really knocks it out of the park. Action Packed really nailed it on archival images, but unfortunately they only produced a few sets that dabbled in that. I just love the shot and the excess of grime and dirt on Dieken. It screams football.