Slaton, Steve (3)

Cards: Playoff Prestige 2009 Xtra Points, Topps Lettermen 2009, Upper Deck 2009 Black (2/25)
Acquired: 2019, Future Considerations
See Also: Steve Slaton, Steve Slaton (2)

Runningbacks have always held a special place in my heart- especially after the Texans took center stage for me. After Dominick Davis/ Williams knee gave out- Slaton stepped in for the Texans and really carried that rock- but just like Davis- he suffered a similar injury changing moment to his career when he injured his neck. I loved Steve. He was a little guy who did it all- and like Davis looking back he’s one of the players I missed graphing in person, because I didn’t really come back to the hobby until 2010.

The Upper Deck Black card? – Now that- that is a piece of art and the gold autograph really compliments it well. If I was Steve I would’ve told them to give me a copy of this card blown up for his wall. It’s that nice. I love the subliminal laurels there on the card.
Everything about it is framed perfectly and the legibility and delivery is spot on.

Panini Prestige 2009 is a bit over dressed- but I am okay with that. It is a great action shot of Steve, with very vibrant color. Otherwise there’s nothing too amazing about it.

The Topps Letterman card- I’m not sure what is going on. The patches are nice, even if it isn’t authentic material, but the placement of everything around it feels slap-dashed from the imagery on either side to the autograph itself on a sticker sorta thrown on top.

I got this friend that I’m helping with autographs up in NY, much like Deadhorse and Lance. Since I get a few more events and things going on here, I spot him from time to time, and he in return looks out for me. These were bonuses for helping him out on a few Longhorn autographs he needed- even though there are still some big fish out there I am looking for.