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Laird, Stu

Card: Jogo 1992
Acquired: TTM 1993, CFL Blitz

The current head of the CFL Players Association, Stu Laird was a stalwart defensive tackle for the Calgary Stampeders from 1984-1996. A free agent signee originally Laird would be on both the Roughriders and Alouettes before he landed on the roster of the Stamps. Stu’s career really took off in 1986 where he notched 9 sacks. In 1988 Laird had a career high 11 sacks for the team before an injury riddled 1989. Cut in 1990, he’d recover to form, be resigned, and by 1994 would have another 9 sack season. A strong pass rushing force inside, Stu earned West-All Star honors for his performance in 1994. He’d continue playing through 1996 before retiring. His number has also since been retired as well. Stu has spent time as a fire fighter in the off season.  In 2001 he was named president of the Canadian Football League Players Association and has served in that capacity through 2010 where just recently he was able to negotiate a new 4 year CBA.

When I sent out to the CFL, I sent out a bunch of All World cards. Unable to completely process my request, the league offices sent me a lot of the cards back with signatures and then tossed in a few Jogo 92 cards from the Calgary Stampeders.

Mitchel, Eric

Card: ProSet WLAF 1991, Ultimate WLAF 1992
Acquired: TTM 1992, C/o The New England Patriots

A backup runningback to Barry Sanders, Eric Mitchel was drafted by the New England Patriots in 1989 during the 6th round from Oklahoma. A tremendous athlete with deceptive speed Mitchel would not make the final roster of the Patriots. Instead he’d go onto greater glory in the WLAF drafted in the 2nd round of the positional draft by the Orlando Thunder in 1991. Mitchel would be used primarily as a receiver through the first half of the season, but soon thereafter was inserted back into his native runningback position. He’d tear it up- rushing for an impressive 6.7 yards a carry. Eric even got some kick return time in with 276 yards on 8 returns, and a whopping 34.5 yards. The Ultimate 1992 card also depicts him making a throw- which he completed for a touchdown of 53 yards. His impressive all around 1991 season would ultimately result in Eric being named 2nd team All World.

Eric would return to the NFL in 1992 signing with the Cowboys, but was waived in March of that year. Mitchel would move up to the CFL where he signed with the Edmonton Eskimos helping them win the 81st Grey Cup in 1993. In 1994, Mitchel would play for the Las Vegas Posse in the CFLUSA, -unfortunately the most unsuccessful CFLUSA team. After 9 seasons in football, Mitchel retired but has spent time in real estate in and around Dallas, Tx.  Of note, you probably have seen the former Thunder player on late night TV as if you look closely at the security detail- you may just see him on the TV show “Cheaters” as one of the blurred out private investigators.

G 10   Rush 42    Yds  281   Avg  6.7    Lg 58   Td  3   |   Rec  26    Yds  312    Avg 12.0   Lg  75    Td 1
Kr  8   Yds  276   Avg 34.5     Lg  96t    Td  1   |  Att 1  Comp 1  Yds 53  Pct 100  Td  1   Int 0  Rat 158.3

Smith, Demetrius “Pee Wee”

Card: Jogo 1992
Acquired: TTM 1993, C/o CFL

Pee Wee was signed by the Calgary Stamps as a free agent in 1990 where initially he was utilized as a kick and punt returner. (He’d have 1 kick return and 4 punt returns for touchdowns over his career including 2 in 1991.) Smith over the next 5 seasons would be utilized more and more as a receiver culminating in 1994 where he had a career high 840 yards including a 106 yarder for a touchdown. Perhaps Smith’s most important moment was the catch he made in 1991 from Danny Barrett that took the Stampeders to the Grey Cup for the first time in 20 years – and 1992 Pee Wee would help bring the cup home to Calgary. He’d be with the team through 1997, but an injury would sideline him for the entire season 1996 effectively ending his career.

G  90     Rec  207     Yds 3136        Avg 15.1     Td 11      Lg 106t  |
KR 105        Yds  2458      Avg 23.4    Td 1   Lg 89t |
PR  231        Yds  2451      Avg 10.6    Td 4   Lg 87t