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Aikman, Troy (2)

Skybox Impact 1992, #232 Action Packed Rookies & Stars 1992, #72

CARDS: Action Packed Rookies & Stars 1992, Skybox 1992
ACQUIRED: In Person, 2022



It’s been a long 30 years plus since I got Troy Aikman on a card so to get him on not one- but two cards, left me quite elated. I had seen that he was in town promoting his new beer line, Eight, and was kicking myself that I missed out on a previous event that he was involved in. Serendipitous timing led Aikman back to the area again, and I pounced when I saw that he was appearing literally 5-10 miles from my house at a local strip of bars.

It was a great event, as I caught up with my cohorts Jeff and Mark. I hadn’t seen Jeff since before the pandemic, and this was his first in person event since then. We sat around and tried out Eight beer. It was actually pretty good!

Soon thereafter Troy appeared behind the bar and began tossing out beers and handing out pints. I narrowly missed catching one of them, and then he started signing memorabilia in earnest. After I pushed Jeff into the crowd, he signed a mini for Jeff and then my Action Packed card- a dire set need. We bit our nails until Mark got his- the very last person on the first bar he visited.

We decided to take a shot at the second bar for another autograph. and after the same set up, came away with the same results. I was scratching my head between 3 different cards, but in the end decided to go with the Impact card. As he was signing the card, he smiled and stared directly into my eyes. I took it as quite genuine, but also as a warning to not try to press for three.

Kelly, Jim (2)

Ultimate World League 1992 Official Spokesperson

CARD: Ultimate World League 1992 Promo
ACQUIRED: Ebay, 2022



I mean huge get for me here. The Ultimate World League 1992 Official Spokesperson Jim Kelly autographed card is one of the 2 Holy Grails in this set. (The other being the Lawrence Taylor autographed card.) These autographed cards were one of the prizes given away for spelling W-O-R-L-D via the in pack game scratch off, and only 500 exist. I had seen this card from time to time on Ebay and kicked myself for not buying one a few years ago because it was priced at a premium to my budget. Since the COVID pandemic, a lot of things changed, and also since I haven’t been buying card boxes for a while, these sorts of splurges are a bit more affordable. Furthermore with Jim Kelly’s TTM signing fee being a stiff $50.00, I bought this one immediately when I saw it comparatively at a strong discount.

The front of the card is beautiful. It’s a very simple design that has grown on me over the years. The back of the card is much like the other Ultimate World League insert promos with the WIN $1,000,000 blurb and the contest information. The only major difference on the card being an NFL shield next to Ultimate Trading Card company’s address. -Again still no clue if anybody actually ever won the million bucks.

Huff, Sam (1934-2021)

Upper Deck Legends 1997, #AL-31

CARD: Upper Deck Legends 1997
ACQUIRED: Ebay, 2020


  • Played offensive line at West Virigina.
  • Selected in the 3rd round of the 56 Draft by the New York Giants.
  • Moved to middle linebacker in Tom Landry‘s 4-3 alignment.
  • Became starter during rookie season and started every game until traded to Washington Redskins after the 63 season.
  • Prototypical middle linebacker, who could read plays, disrupt running lanes or drop off into coverage and score interceptions, while also being a bone crushing tackler.
  • Played 13 seasons in the NFL, starting 159 games and logging 30 interceptions.
  • Worked with Redskins great Sonny Jurgensen in the broadcasting booth until he retired in 2012.


  • College Football Hall of Fame 1982
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame 1982
  • Pro Bowl 1958-61, 64
  • All Pro 1958-59
  • Second Team All Pro 1957,60-61, 63
  • West Virginia Mountaineers #75 retired
  • New York Giants Ring of Honor
  • Washington Redskins Ring of Fame
  • NFL 50s All-Decade Team
  • First NFL player to appear on the Cover of Time magazine
  • Appeared in a TV special called: “The Violent World of Sam Huff”
  • #76 Sporting News Greatest NFL Players


I was shocked to get a certified Sam Huff for so cheap during the pandemic, but as it stood it was much more affordable to get a few autographed Upper Deck Legends for my set, than to get a blaster box of Panini, that’d probably have an autograph of a street free agent.



11/13/21- Sam Huff passed away at the age of 87. He had been diagnosed with dementia in 2012, however it is unknown if it ultimately played a role in his passing.