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Marion, Fred

Action Packed 1991, #168

CARDS: Fleer 1990, Action Packed 1990, Action Packed 1991
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 5/14 RECEIVED: 6/21 (38 DAYS)


  • A jarring enforcer and solid tackler, set the University of Miami, FL career mark with 151 assists by a safety.

  • Also set the career mark for interceptions with 16 for 170 yards.

  • In 1980 had 7 interceptions and finished second on the team in tackles. 

  • Saw heavy rotation at PR with 62 career returns for 392 yards.

  • 5th round selection of the New England Patriots in 1982.

  • Finest season came in 1985 during the Patriots Super Bowl XX appearance.

  • Recorded 129 total tackles, 7 interceptions for 189 yards, and 3 fumble recoveries.

  • In 6 straight seasons posted 100+ total tackles (1985-1990).

  • Played 101 straight games for the squad before being injured in 1991, retiring after the season.

  • At time of retirement was ranked 5th on the franchise’s all time interception chart, and had well over 900 total tackles.


  • University of Miami HoF 1983

  • 1985 Pro Bowl

  • 1985 NFL leader (interception yardage- 185)

  • Patriots All-1980s Team

  • Patriots 35th Anniversary Team

  • Patriots 50th Anniversary Team

Fleer 1990, #322 Action Packed 1990, #165


Shocked and disappointed, that Fred Marion is not in the Patriots Hall of Fame as of 2021. I know he played through some dark years, but he was an effective player who always brought his lunch pail to work, despite not getting the accolades, his numbers absolutely speak for themselves.
-Not to mention, he’s a die hard fan of the franchise.

Can’t go without talking about the infamous Fred Marion error card. I had no interest in talking about that with him or trying to get it signed. To summarize, it’s Fred’s 1990 Pro Set #204 card. As Fred is coming across to make the interception, John Taylor, it appears, in the background, has lost his footing and is falling to the ground. As he is falling, his belt slips out of his pants, and is pointed towards the ground. It comes across as quite… phallic. After ProSet got word of it, they went back and erased it out of later prints of the card, but not before quite a few got out into the wild. It’s actually a humorous shot, but I really liked these.

Herrod, Jeff

Gameday 1992, #360

CARDS: Gameday 1992, Skybox Primetime 1992, Action Packed 1991, Skybox 1992
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 11/12 RECEIVED: 11/29 (17 days)
FAILURE: TTM 2019, C/o Home


  • 9th round pick out of Mississippi in 1988, that totalled 528 tackles over college career.  

  • Became the surprising leader of a linebacking corps that featured names such as Duane Bickett, Fredd Young, and Quentin Coryatt along the way.

  • Tackling machine that recorded 150+ total tackles in from 1989 to 1991 from inside linebacker position.

  • Led team in tackles from 1989 to 1992, and overall 8 times in career.

  • Recorded a career high 200 total tackles in 1994.

  • Possessed relentless motor, pursuit, solid instincts and quick ability to read/ react to plays as they take shape.

  • Over career played LILB, RILB, RLB, and MLB.

  • Briefly played for Philadelphia Eagles in 1997.

  • Returned for final season in 1998 to play for Colts.
1992 Skybox Primetime Team Checklist, #173


  • Ole Miss Hall of Fame 2001

  • SEC Football Legends Award 2013

  • Alabama Sports Hall of Fame 2017


Jeff is a cousin of actor and TV personality, Mr. T.

Jeff has some great cards and some set needs I was after so I had tried him in the past with no luck. Thanks to my friend Joe, I was able to get a solid lead and address for him. Disappointingly, as of the time of this post, Herrod, who ranks second all-time on the Colts tackle list, has not been inducted into the franchise’s Ring of Honor.


Smith, Sammie (2)

CARDS: Skybox 1992, GameDay 1992, Action Packed 1990, Action Packed 1991
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 1/21 RECEIVED: 2/3 (13 DAYS)

Sammie Smith’s career was short, but was punctuated by all the high flying brands at the time. I had and still have a few more cards of his I’d love to get signed, but due to rules that I impose on myself about asking too many and too soon, I waited about 10 years to give Sammie another shot.

Sammie since his release and redemption from his time in prison, has gotten his degree, and worked for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is the Chaplain/ Director of Character Development for the Ole Miss football team and has recommitted himself to Christ. Sammie also acts as an assistant with the recruiting trips as well.

A real treat of cards here of Sammie, I was really hoping he’d be my first success for 2021. I can’t say enough about the Skybox and his Action Packed entries. His 91 Action Packed is probably one of my favorites, especially the way the light hits his helmet. Really goes to show you how sports photography is an art.