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Parcells, Bill ‘Big Tuna’


pset90 SBXXV B
Cards: ProSet 1990 Super Bowl Card, Action Packed 1991 All Madden Team
Acquired: TTM 2015, C/o Home
Sent: 11/12    Received: 12/3   (18 days)

Bill Parcells is one of the more memorable coaches in NFL history. Not only was he an excellent orchestrator of coaches and evaluator of talent, he was quite the personality during press conferences.

Bill Parcells was actually selected in the 7th Round of the 1964 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions, but he was cut before he played a single game, so he almost immediately hopped into coaching (at Hastings) after graduating from Wichita State. He coached linebackers at Hastings, Wichita State and then later at Army before being promoted to defensive coordinator at Army in 1968. In 1970 he returned to coaching linebackers with Florida State, and the later Vanderbilt and Texas Tech, before taking his first head coaching job with Air Force in 1978.

Parcells briefly took a job as the defensive coordinator for the Giants under Ray Perkins in ’79- but quit the job.  He returned to coaching the following year as linebacker coach for the Patriots in 1980. It wasn’t that long thereafter before he returned to the Giants as their defensive coordinator and linebackers coach in 1981.  He converted the defensive alignment to a 3-4 and succeeded Ray Perkins as HC in 1983. After a bumpy start and being on the hot seat, Parcells righted the ship and led the Giants back to the playoffs. In 1986 the Giants won their first Superbowl (XXI), as New York posted their best franchise record (14-2) led by their stellar defense and Phil Simms. The NFC East at the time was the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, the Cardinals, and the Washington Redskins. While the Cowboys were in a steep decline and the Cardinals were rarely a threat, the Giants had a rough and tumble time with both the Redskins and Eagles. It took another 4 years, but in 1990 the Giants returned to the Super Bowl (XXV) in a game considered to be one of the most exciting in NFL history. The Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19 led by stellar defensive play and a plodding offense that soaked up the clock led by grizzled veteran RB Ottis Anderson. Parcells retired after the game, citing health reasons.

Briefly Bill did sportscasting with NBC from 1991-1992, but was chomping at the bit to return to the game. In this phase of his coaching career, Parcells became known as a rags to riches coach. He came in and immediately turned around the fortunes of the franchises he coached. It can be attributed to Parcells for fixing the Patriots, restoring the franchise to respectability, and beginning the dynasty that has lasted into today. He coached for the Patriots from 1993 to 1996, with the team appearing in Super Bowl XXI- a loss to the Green Bay Packers. The following season Bill joined the New York Jets thanks in part to disagreements with the Patriots owner Robert Kraft over front office decisions. The Jets had to pay the Patriots a king’s ransom in draft picks to get him in the end, but Bill proved to be worth the price, turning around the moribund Jets. (In 1998 the Jets finished with a 12-4 record but lost in the AFC Championship.) He retired again from coaching in 1999.

Jerry Jones was desperate to fix the Dallas Cowboys who were beginning to become the laughing stock of the NFC East. Three consecutive 5-11 seasons were enough for Jones to approach Parcells hat in hand to lure him out of retirement. Bill’s price for Jones was steep: Head coach and general manager and no interference from Jones. The year was 2003. As with his previous stops, Bill had the magic touch leading the Cowboys to the playoffs, but over the next few years, he just couldn’t get Dallas over the hump. Before the 2007 season, Bill retired for the 3rd time.

He briefly did studio analysis for ESPN, but was lured out of retirement for a 4th time by the Miami Dolphins into an executive role at the end of 2007. As in the past, Bill fixed the Dolphins, cutting fan favorites, signing stacks of cheap free agents, firing coaches, bringing back into the fold mercurial RB Ricky Williams, and Miami responded with an 11-5 record. He retired, presumably for a final time in 2010.

Bill has an extensive coaching tree, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.  He lives in Florida and does some volunteer consulting from time to time. Currently he is retired… or is he mulling another comeback?

W 183      L   138     T 1       PCT .570

Jackson, Keith “Boomer Sooner”

Cards: ProSet 1990, Action Packed Rookies Update 1992, GameDay 1992, Action Packed All Madden Team 1990.
Acquired: TTM 2012, C/o P.A.R.K.*
Sent: 8/28        Received: 9/10  (12 days)
*Autograph Fee $5 per card.

Keith Jackson was the highest rated tight end off the board in 1988 after a prolific career for the University of Oklahoma. A complete package at the position, Jackson had soft hands, and just about the right size, speed, and blocking ability to handle just about every duty assigned to him. Over his career at Oklahoma he racked up 1407 yards on 62 receptions- a whopping 23.7 yards per catch. He’d earn the appropriate nickname ‘Boomer Sooner’ from his teammates for his penchant to show up in big games, making big plays, leading the Oklahoma Sooners to a National Championship in 1986. During the National Championship game against Penn State, Keith caught a spectacular 71 yard touchdown pass.

He was selected in the first round of the 1988 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Buddy Ryan, who was head coach of the time eschewed receivers, but loved the all around ability of Jackson and quickly put him to work.

It didn’t take long for Keith to become a fan favorite of the Eagles and Randall Cunningham, as he set the team mark for yards by a rookie with 869, to go along with 80 catches, and 6 touchdowns earning Keith his first Pro Bowl and AP nods. In a final accolade that season he won NFC Rookie of the Year Honors. 1988 was his best season statistically, but by no means did it represent the end of his career, as both in 89 and 90, he’d also be named AP and to the Pro Bowl for his solid seasons with 63 and 50 receptions respectively. After catching 49 balls his final season with the Eagles in 1991, Keith signed with the Miami Dolphins in 1992.

With the dawn of Free Agency and the Dolphins looking to add new weapons for Dan Marino, Keith quickly stepped right into the starting lineup for Miami, staying there for 3 seasons. Along the way Jackson scored 18 touchdowns on 146 receptions. Another ProBowl was in store for him in 1992, with 594 yards and 5 touchdowns. Keith moved on to the Green Bay Packers and became a nice redzone target for quarterback Brett Favre. Although his 1995 season was marred by injury, Keith recovered in time for 1996 scoring 10 touchdowns on 40 receptions. This earned Keith his final Pro Bowl nomination and culminated in the team’s victory over the New England Patriots in SuperBowl XXXI. He’d retire after the season.

Keith is a player who really hasn’t gotten his due, as he has never been considered for the Hall of Fame. Although the passing game has mutated into what it is today with tight ends that behave like wide receivers, Keith was an anomaly out of time. One surely wonders what sort of damage he would have done if he was playing during the current pass happy era of the NFL. Surely he would have posted some gaudy stats if things were different. Still when you look at the final count, in 9 seasons he was a 6 time Pro Bowler on 3 different teams, and a 3 time All Pro from his 3 seasons in Philadelphia. I had been long interested in adding Keith to my collection- as far back as 2009, but kept kicking the can down the road on this one. Wish I had sent out for this one sooner as it was a lighting fast reply c/o his charity P.A.R.K. He does color commentary on the radio currently for the Razorbacks, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

I really liked all these cards. Pro Set actually liked the 1990 card they produced so much that they used it frequently for promotion. I can see why with the way the light perfectly hits Keith’s pads, lighting up the green in contrast to the black background. It provides quite a silhouette. I was never really a fan of the ‘All Madden Team’ Action Packed cards that were produced, although this shot in particular is a good one. The GameDay 1992 cards were superior and unique cards, and along with the Action Packed, made great cards to get autographed due to their look.
G/Gs 129/105     Rec 441    Yds 5283    Avg 12.0    Td 49    Lg 73t

Wisnewski, Steve “The Wiz”

Card: Action Packed All Madden Team 1991
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1991

Originally drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the stacked 1989 draft, Wisniewski’s rights were immediately traded to the Los Angeles Raiders.  A two time All-American out of Penn State, “The Wiz” as he was affectionately known was one of the last great moves of the Raiders organization during the 1980s.  Wisnewski would play in 8 Pro Bowls over his 13 seasons and was named to the All-Decade Team of the 1990s. A fine technician, Steve had great feet and was well coordinated athlete -which allowed him to compete at the upper echelon of the league and handle bull rushing defensive tackles with ease. Steve was also considered in many circles to be one of the dirtiest players in the league and in 1997 topped the rankings list.  He retired in 2001 as a member of the Oakland Raider organization after starting 175 games.

I got Steve’s autograph at Dallas Cowboys training camp, where he personalized the card with a passage from the bible. Philippians 1:13. “As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ.” An interesting passage. Steve since football has continued his quest for Christ. As a born again Christian he works with fellow ex-Raider Napoleon Kaufman’s church, and sells software for CIMA systems to the automotive industry. His fondest memory was being selected to the Pro Bowl for the first time in 1990, and most enjoyed playing against the arch rival Chiefs. Offensive linemen- specifically Guards rarely if ever get selected for the NFL HoF, and Steve is one amongst many that should have more fair consideration.