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Brantley, John ‘Rambo’ (2)

wclwaf92 brantleyCard: Wild Card WLAF 1992
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent:   Received:  (days)
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I had to work very hard to get John Brantley, since he has a very strong family line of football playing sons, and John III who plays quarterback for Florida sucks up the Google hits. I finally got an updated Meiselman list with John Sr.’s address, and shot the last card out I had of him. He’s still considered a legend at Georgia where he played college ball, but he is also well regarded for his time with the Birmingham Fire of the WLAF, of which he spent two seasons with.

After playing a season with the Fire, he returned to the NFL, but did not stick on the roster of Cardinals. It is said only some slim 3% of WLAF players stood a chance at returning to the NFL,  His second season with the Fire was even more impressive than the first, as Brantley had 77 tackles, 2 sacks, and 3 fumble recoveries. Brantley became one of the few players that was able to make it back to the NFL however, sticking on the roster of the Washington Redskins for the 1992 season.

John has also been recognized by the Bulldogs for being an outstanding contributor to the Florida-Georgia rivalry and has been inducted to the rivalry game’s Hall of Fame.


Brantley, John “Rambo”

Cards: ProSet WLAF 1991, ProSet 1991 DMVP
Acquired: In Person 1992, San Antonio Riders v. Birmingham Fire
See Also: John Brantley (2)

John Brantley was a 12th round choice (#325)  out of Georgia by the Houston Oilers in 1988.  He’d be on the roster of the team through 1989 suiting up for 8 games playing on special teams. In 1991 Brantley was drafted by the Birmingham Fire of the WLAF in the 2nd round of the positional draft.  A well rounded team leader, he’d finish statistically amongst the top players in the league with 47 tackles and 4 sacks. At the conclusion of the 1991 season John was be named first team All World Team, and would win defensive MVP in a three way tie with Danny Lockett and Anthony Parker.

Brantley returned to the WLAF for 1992 and again lead the staunch Fire defense, chipping in 2 more sacks and be named back to the All World team. The league unfortunately was reorganized after the 1992 season, but John would sign with the Washington Redskins of the NFL  and start 2 games for the team that year. It is unknown if Brantley played any additional seasons of football whether it was in
the Arena leagues or the CFL USA venture. He currently lives in Georgia.

G/Gs 20/20    Tac    124       Sac   6.0      Fum 3
Int 0    Yds  0    Avg  -.-   Td  0   Lg   -.-


Holland, John Robert “JR”

Card: ProSet WLAF 1991
Acquired: In Person 1992, San Antonio Riders v. Birmingham Fire

John Holland was part of the staunch defensive secondary of the Birmingham Fire that helped them make the playoffs both years of the WLAF.

Originally a member of the British Columbia Lions after graduating from Cal State Sacramento in 1989, Holland was drafted by the Birmingham Fire in the 4th round of the player allocation draft. Nicknamed “JR” and “Hollywood”,  Holland during the 1991 season would make 38 tackles, 3 interceptions, and a fumble recovery-  good enough for second team All World Honors.   He’d return again to the Fire for the 1992 season and make another interception.

As the league WLAF restructured, John caught on with San Fransisco 49ers and played with them in 1993. Later that year he’d sign with Edmonton of the CFL and play with them for the next 3 seasons. (He’d also undergo a name change at some point and begin going by Robert.) In 1994 Robert would make 8 interceptions and be named to the Canadian All Star team. He’d play again for British Columbia and Saskatchewan in 1996, before returning one more time to BC to close out his career in 1997.

G/Gp  20/20    Tac  N/a     Sac  N/a    Fum  N/a
Int   4     Yds   55     Avg   12.7      Lg  17    Td  0