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McCardell, Keenan ‘Thunder’ (2)

CARDS: Atomic 2001, Playoff Contenders 2001, Upper Deck 1997
ACQUIRED: TTM 2022, C/o The Minnesota Vikings
FAILURE: TTM 2022, C/o Home



I had been wanting to get a few more Jaguars’ players autographs, and with very few of them who signed I thought I’d loop back and get Keenan, since I’d never gotten him TTM. Since I met him way back in 2012 or 2013 at Houston Fan Fest, I had developed a passing interest in Atomic and Playoff Contenders sets. The die cut gimmick with the large logo really got me, and the autographs look great on it so, it’s slowly become my 2001 favorite.

The Unknown Commodity card from Upper Deck was selected because it’s very much a card that emulated the zeitgeist of the era. Over the top large lettering as the background with an image on top of it. I mean, it’s not bad. Certainly catches the eye, but at the same time, feels dated and makes you smirk a bit.

McCardell has been enjoying a surge through the coaching ranks. After a stop at Maryland as the WR coach, as of 2022 he’s with the Minnesota Vikings in the same capacity.

Ward, Hines (2)

Pro Set 1990 Super Bowl MVP, #45 (HACK)

CARDS: Atomic 2001, Pro Set 1990 Super Bowl MVP Hack, Topps AAF 2019
FAILURE: TTM 2016, 2019, 2021 C/o Work


Well as you can see here, I racked up quite a few misses TTM on Hines. After his time in the AAF, I had wanted to get him on a few more cards- especially his Topps AAF card itself, but no such luck. When the XFL reemerged in 2022 (for its 3rd iteration) the league was quick to announce that Hines was going to be a coach in the league.

He’d become quite the hot coaching commodity clutching at coaching pearls with the Jets as an offensive assistant, and then to the college ranks with Florida Atlantic as a WRs coach. The Houston Texans even had Ward in for a head coaching interview in 2021. He’d later be one of the big splash names the XFL 2023 announced. When he was announced for the San Antonio franchise, I was very excited.

Atomic 2001, #116

I finally got an invite for the XFL Town House about a week before the event back in late October. I went ahead and invited a local collector and new friend of mine, Brandon, to the event. He got there a bit earlier than me, as I went to the wrong side of town, but eventually I got there about 15 minutes before it began. I was wearing my Greg Ward Commanders jersey.

We had a really good time. Hines once I told him that I had met him previously on the front row of the Commanders inaugural game, had a good chuckle with me. He signed 3 cards for me and posed for a photo. I got lots of love from not only the other fans there that recognized my jersey, but also from news and sports personalities that wanted to come over and talk to me about the Commanders. It was great and I felt like was back in my element.

This Pro Set Super Bowl MVP Hack I did looks great! I am so glad that he was kind enough to autograph it for me. I am looking forward to getting more of this set printed and signed.

Stewart, Kordell ‘Slash’

Cards: Atomic 2001, Atomic 2002
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 11/1 Received: 11/15 (14 days)

A dynamic playmaker everytime he touched the ball, Kordell Stewart was a 3 year starter for the Colorado Buffalos option attack from 1992-1994. A legend for the Buffs, Kordell had 1,725 yards rushing and 15 TDs on 302 carries to pair with 6,481 yards and 33 TDs to 19 picks. Again, as with many gifted black ‘athletic’ quarterbacks of this era- the NFL still did not know what to make of Kordell. They felt his talents were best suited at wide receiver.

He’d be selected in the 3rd round of the 1995 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kordell eventually earned the name ‘slash’ because the Steelers didn’t have a classification for his position so they just used the designation ‘/’ to identify his position, as the Sellers did everything they could to get the ball to him they could, but he spent the majority of his time at receiver his first two seasons.

I’m not sure what the plan was for Kordell, but he quickly became endeared to fans who wanted to see what Slash could do at quarterback. With starter Mike Tomczak struggling in 1997 Kordell got his shot and excited fans with his versatility at throwing the ball or taking off on his fleet feet. Over the next 5 seasons with the Steelers, Kordell led Pittsburgh to two AFC Championship games earning a Pro Bowl nod for his 2001 efforts when he threw for 3,109 yards and 14 TDs, while rushing for 537 yards and 5 TDs.

In 2003 Kordell signed with the Bears, and entered the season as the starting quarterback, but was benched due to ineffectiveness. He’d sign with the Ravens the following year and back up Kyle Boller through the ’05 season and then retire.

Kordell has done guest appearances on TV game shows, commentary work, radio, and sideline reporting (for the UFL). Currently he works for ESPN, and is an avid golfer.