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Brooks, Bill (3)

GameDay 1992, #280

Action Packed 1990, #103 Fleer 1990, #229

CARDS: GameDay 1992, Action Packed 1990, Fleer 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/O Home
SENT: 11/16 RECIEVED: 12/11 (25 DAYS)



  • Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor 1998
  • Whizzer White Award 1996


Bill Brooks had some amazing cards over the years and once again after a few years I decided to go ahead and dip into the well for a few more of them. Since that time all these sets have sort of become set needs so it made sense to send them. I really like the Action Packed and the GameDay cards of Bill taking off after a catch.

Brooks, Bill (2)

pset89 bbrookssco89 bbrookssky92 bbrookssco90 bbrooks

Cards: Score 1990, Score 1989, ProSet 1989, SkyBox 1992
Acquired: TTM 2014, C/o Home
Sent:  3/11    Received: 3/22  (11 days)
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Some really nice cards of Bill Brooks here I just had to get signed. His ProSet 1989/ Score 1989, (virtually the same photo) are seminal classics.  A true testament to the addage that commitment and dedication will pay off, Brooks did not make waves when he arrived at Boston College, but as time wore on he became an impressive future NFL prospect. He finished his collegiate career as the Golden Eagles all time leading receiver with 228 receptions, for 3,579 yards and 32 touchdowns.  Dependable and always giving 100% each game, Brooks has gone on to become undeniably is one of the most popular players in Indianapolis Colts history, with a career on par with fellow 1986 draftee Ernest Givins.  Although his career has taken him to both AFC East rival Buffalo and then later to Washington where he finished his career, Brooks always remained close and kept his home in Indianapolis.

Bill Brooks name is often forgotten outside of Inianapolis. With greats such as Raymond Berry coming before him, and Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne afterwards, -it’s easy to see why the understated Brooks, who played during some of the most arduous years in team history is often forgotten.


Brooks, Bill

Card: Action Packed 1991
Acquired: TTM 1992, Colts Blitz

Bill Brooks was a reliable, sure handed receiver drafted by the Colts in the years before their brief Andre Rison fling. Taken in the 4th round of the 1986 draft, he’d be a pretty decent bargain for the Colts, as Brooks would make 1136 yards receiving his rookie season topping even perennial Pro Bowl receiver Ernest Givins who came off the board in the first round as well. A popular player among fans, Bill dominated the Colts receiving charts and was immortalized in the first edition of Tecmo Bowl on Nintendo. He’d fly under the radar for the majority of the remainder of his career for the Colts, yet lead the team in receiving in five of the seven seasons he was with the team. At 6’0″, 193, Brooks posessed a nice balance of size and speed to get open and make the catch over smaller defenders. He never failed to make below 700 yards a season until an injury plagued 1992. During his tenure with the Colts, Bill played with 7 different quarterbacks, ranging from Jack Trudeau and Chris Chandler, to Jeff George and Gary Hogeboom. Brooks played 3 more seasons with the Bills helping the team reach the Super Bowl XXVIII, and going from worst with Indianapolis to first in Buffalo. After his stint in Buffalo, Billy played one more final season in 1996 with the Washington Redskins before retiring with a respectable 8001 receiving yards.

Bill is well received by the Colts faithful and has been inducted into the team’s ring of honor. Holding multiple records for the Indianapolis Colts upon his departure, Bill now works in the front office for the franchise. One wonders how Bill’s career would have turned out if Eric Dickerson didn’t show up, the team didn’t have 4 coaches during his 7 years with the franchise, or he had regular consistency at the quarterback position.

G/Gs 169/132     Rec 583     Yds 8001    Avg 13.7   Td 46     Lg  84t