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Largent, Steve (2)

Card: ProSet 1989
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 5/27  Received: 6/17  (22 days)
Previous Posting: Steve Largent 6/22/10

I went ahead and sent out to Steve Largent TTM in 2011 since I got his autograph way, way, back in the 1990s at a conference in Austin.  After working with a Christian Athlete’s association Steve went into politics in Oklahoma where he was elected on his conservative record to  Congress. He ran for governor of Oklahoma but lost narrowly in a highly contested election. Since that time Steve has retired back to the Seattle, Washington area where he has worked as president of CTIA, – a wireless lobbying firm.

I sent off to him in late May and was happy to get his autograph back on this Pro Set 1989 card.  Unfortunately he only signed 1 of 2 cards- ignoring the 1978 Topps I also included. Still, I am happy to have reacquired Steve for my collection on this Pro Set 1989 card, which frames him in action flawlessly.

Largent, Steve

Cards: Score 1989, Action Packed 1990.
Acquired: In Person 1993, CAC conference, Austin, Tx.
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Josh and I got wind of a Christian Athletes for Christ conference at a hotel in Austin where Largent was the keynote speaker. We went into the hotel and cased the joint like professional paparazzi and then found a spot out of the way but near the event banquet that we could stake out. It was probably the most boring hour and a half we spent in our lives sitting out there, but once the doors kicked open to the hall and people started leaving, Josh and I bum rushed the entrance towards the podium. You could almost put a camera above us as we went into that room full of circular tables with us dodging around them and the people up to the front. I would swear that Largent looked at us both dumbfounded, but to our glee he autographed both of my cards and Josh’s as well. I realized that at this time after that happened, I had passed up Josh in my obsession with the hobby, as I was ecstatic to add such a player of prestige to my collection and he was just… okay.

Steve Largent was originally a 4th round choice of the Houston Oilers in 1976 who found himself traded to the expansion Seattle Seahawks for an 8th round draft choice.  Largent was neither the fastest or biggest receiver in the league but he made up for it with great hands and precision route running.  After retiring in 1989 Largent held many of the league records including career receptions, yards, touchdowns and consecutive games with a catch. A 7 time Pro-bowler, and member of the 1980’s decade team, Steve was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 1995.  He then began his career in politics serving the State of Oklahoma and then moving onto Congress representing the 1st district.

Games  200        Rec  819          Yds  13,039         Avg  16.0              TD  100