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Pearson, Drew (3)

to84 pearson pset90 sb X to80 pearson to79 pearson pset90 sb XXII

Cards: ProSet 1990 SB X, ProSet 1990 SB XII, Topps 1980, Topps 1979, ProSet 1992 88’s, Upper Deck 1997 MM, Topps 1984.
Acquired: IP 11/8/2014, GameDay Sports Tour Austin, Texas.
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Texas Autograph Club, or TAC for short, has been a valuable resource for my autograph collecting hobby.  I got wind through GameDay Sports Tours that they were coming to Austin through TAC, and although I have gotten Drew Pearson multiple times in the past, I was still interested in getting his autograph on a few more cards. Chief among them was this Upper Deck that he shares with James Lofton, that I will get Lofton on at a later date. The ProSet 1992 card that he shares with Michael Irvin is also a very nice card, however I doubt seriously I’ll ever get the other 88 to sign this card, especially for the exorbitant price he charges. The other Topps cards were filler in my inventory while the ProSet serve in historical retrospect of Drew’s career. Pearson scored a TD in the Cowboys pset92 pearsonirvin 88Super Bowl X loss to the Steelers,

The event went well enough. It was held in a moderately rough location in Austin, but living in California for a few years, – I had shopped in more impoverished places, so it didn’t bother me at all.  I ran into a few other members of the board that I knew and talked to them for a bit about what they were getting signed. I was pretty close to the front of the line, so it was easy for me to get all of these cards signed. Drew started signing and stopped only briefly to ask me, “If this was it?” He flashed his customary Super Bowl ring at me and I was done. It was pretty much an in and out transaction.

Drew was finally inducted into the Cowboys Ring of ud97 pearson lofton mmHonor and does a lot of sports radio work, hosting his own self-titled hour long show on the Fox Sports Network. He also does color commentary for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. Pearson lives in Plano, Tx and is considered one of the 10 Greatest Cowboys Players ever.

Pearson, Drew (2)

to77 pearsonudldg97 pearson

Cards: Topps 1977, Upper Deck Legends 1997
Acquired: In Person 5/19, 610 Houston Fan Fest 2013
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Got Drew Pearson at the Houston Fan Fest this year, adding two addtional cards to my collection. It was nice that I was able to track down this Upper Deck Legends card of him. Surprisingly he generated quite a line at the event, but I’d also partially attribute it to how personable and friendly he was being to each and every fan. He was also more than happy to take photos with fans, and fist bumps to everybody. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself immensely, and I wish all players would embrace his exuberance for the fans of the sport. After I got my Legends card signed, I brought up my fiancee that I called, “Baby,” and he heard that and then made a joking pass at her telling her that “Baby is a great name!”, which got a great laugh out of her. I chose this 1977 Topps because- yes -of the afro. Drew said it had been a long time since he had that much hair and rubbed his nearly bald scalp. I had a few more cards of Drew, but with other pressing names at the event, I had to keep moving from line to line. Still, I’ll be sure to hit him up next time he is at this sort of thing.

It’s nice to know that Drew finally made it into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Among the many teams that have Rings and Walls, the Cowboys is admittedly one of the more prestigious. He’s done some color commentary for the AFL and also enjoys spending his time hosting the “Drew Pearson Show” on Fox Sports Southwest.

Pearson, Drew “Mr. Clutch”

Cards: Topps 1978, Topps 1981, Autograph Memorablila
Acquired: In Person 1992, 1993.  Lenscrafters Opening, Barton Creek Mall. South Austin Card Convention
See Also: Drew Pearson (2)

I’ve gotten Drew’s autograph twice during the heyday of the Dallas Cowboys involvement with Austin, Texas. The first time he appeared with Ed Jones at a Lenscrafters opening at Barton Creek Mall. My friend Josh and I would get their autographs after waiting about 2 hours in line, and then get lost trying to leave the mall. The second time we’d hear about a card convention in South Austin and pay 5 bucks for an autograph. We also got Harvey Martin‘s signature as well.

After graduating from Tulsa University in 1972, Pearson would sign a free agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 1973. After a typical rookie season with 22 receptions for 388 yards,  Drew’s career would take off in 1974 as he’d make his first 1000 yard season on 62 receptions.  He’d make at least 700 yards the next 4 seasons, and again break the 1000 yard barrier in 1979 tying his career high with 8 touchdowns receiving. As the 80s rolled around Pearson’s statistics would slowly spiral down until his retirement after the 1983 season.  Among his accomplishments are 3 SuperBowl appearances and one victory. Known to fans as “Mr. Clutch” for his ability to make big plays when they counted, Pearson also caught the infamous ‘hail mary’ in the 1975 playoffs against the Vikings. A 3 time Pro Bowl and AP, Pearson is a member of the NFL 1970s All Decade Team.

Drew briefly served as the General Manager of the XFL New York/ New Jersey Hitmen during the 2001 season and has worked as a sports broadcaster since retirement and is CEO of his own company that manufactures sports hats. He’s been quite successful off the field and has won the NFL Alumni Career Achievement Award for this.

Dallas fans will always claim that Pearson not being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an injustice and while I do see some merit to the argument, if you base it off of SuperBowl appearances- his statistics do not. There are many NFL wide receivers who have not made it into the HoF who had bigger numbers and a Super Bowl appearance or two. Despite this Pearson should at least be in the Cowboys Ring of Honor however as of this date he has not been enshrined due to a public feud with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over the Cowboys logo and Pearson’s athletic gear.

G/Gs 156/ n/a     Rec  489      Yds  7822    Avg  16.0       Td  48     Lg  67

UPDATE: 8/19/2011- Jerry Jones today announced that Drew Pearson, along with Charles Haley, and Larry Allen, would be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor this year.