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Buckley, Terrell (2) ‘T-Buck’

Cards: GameDay 1992, Classic 1992, ProSet 1992
Acquired: TTM 2018, C/o Mississippi State
Sent: 9/8  Received: 9/29    (21 days)
See Also: Terrell Buckley ‘T-Buck’ 

After his stint at Florida State filling a variety of different roles through a 5 year stint, Terrell has had various 2 year stops around college football as a positional coach. He quietly coached Cornerbacks at Akron from 2012-2013, then was with Louisville from 2014-2015. Since 2016, Terrell has served as the positional coach for safeties at Mississippi State.  In 2018 he was named as a finalist for the College Football Hall of Fame- and had his ticket punched shortly thereafter for the 2019 class.

I had been wanting to get back to Terrell since I was a kid. Honestly after all these years I had wondered if those autographs that I had gotten from the Packers were ghost signed, but much to my relief they were not. 

I had wanted to get both the base Classic 1992 and the blister pack card signed, but couldn’t find the blister, so I went ahead and substituted in the ProSet 1992 card. I am fond of the look of none of these cards in particular, though I do like the Classic 1992 because he is in his FSU uniform. His ProSet 1992 card is humorous to me, strictly because he is wearing a jean shirt and the expression on his face makes me think that he was just blindsided by being drafted by the Packers.

Mobley, Sam

Card: Topps AAF 2019
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 4/23 Received: 4/29 (6 days)

A special shout out to Mark- from Mark’s Signing Bonus for helping me out here. Mark and I are apparently now in the AAF market, trying to get these guys on their base cards. He struck first, and second, and passed Sam’s address along to me. I wrote him the next night, and Mobley responded to me in just a few days becoming the first TTM AAF signing that I have completed.

Sam played college ball at Catawba from 2016 through 2018. For the Indians, he posted 654 yards receiving on 31 receptions with 4 of them going for TDs in 11 contests during 2016/17. In 17/18 Sam broke the 1K barrier with 1046 yards receiving on 56 receptions, with 8 TDs.

Sam saw the majority of his playing time for the Stallions at punt returner, where he had 11 touches for 97 yards, 3 fair catches, and a long of 30. In the final contest against San Diego during week 8, Sam caught his first and only pass in the AAF going for 9 yards.

After the league imploded, Sam went to mini-camp with the Denver Broncos in 2019 and is currently a member of the XFL 2020 Draft Pool scheduled for October.


Daniels, Owen (3)

Card: 2006 Flair Showcase
Acquired: 2013, EBay
See Also: Owen Daniels, Owen Daniels (2)

Owen has some fine cards, and for the cheap price that I got this certified for, I just couldn’t resist. Owen Daniels was a really good TE for the Houston Texans and he always left it all out on the field. Unfortunately injury played a bit of an issue in his playing time there and in 2013 Owen’s season ended during game 5.  I felt he had a lot left in the tank but the Texans felt otherwise and let him walk in free agency after 2013.

Daniels signed with the Ravens in 2014 rejoining former head coach Gary Kubiak who was now the OC with the team. He put up his usual solid numbers posting 527 yards on 48 catches with 4 TDs for Baltimore.  Owen then jumped ship for Denver in 2015, again rejoining now head coach Gary Kubiak there. In his swan song, Daniels posted 46 receptions for 517 yards and 3 TDs while helping the Broncos win Super Bowl 50.

G/GS 131/125     REC  479     YDS  5661    AVG 11.8     TD 36     LG 44