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Murray, Eddie (2)

Action Packed 1990, #76

Cards: Action Packed 1990, Pro Set 1989, Fleer 1990
Acquired: TTM 2021, C/o Home
Sent: 6/8 Received: 7/3 (25 Days)



I hadn’t ever gotten Eddie through the mail- scoring his autograph at Cowboys training camp as a kid, so I thought I’d be nice to follow up with some more current cards which I had wanted to get signed that were primarily set needs. He was also one of the few kickers who appeared in Action Packed 1990.

Young, Titus

Upper Deck College Legends 2011, #93

CARD: Upper Deck College Legends 2011
ACQUIRED: 2019, Box Breaker


  • Played WR for Boise State from 2007-10.
  • Caught 204 passes for 3063 yards and 25 TDs over college career.
  • Displayed some behavioral issues that caused his draft stock to drop.
  • Selected by the Detroit Lions during the 2nd round of the 2011 draft.
  • By mid-season behavior issues re-emerged, and continued through the 2012 campaign, where he’d be deactivated by the team.
  • After numerous fights, bad behavior, arguments, and social media outbursts increased, Titus was outright released by the Lions before the 2013 season.
  • Claimed by the St. Louis Rams, but was quickly cut after questionable behavior reemerged.
  • Titus’ behavior since 2013 has borderlined from the bizarre to flat out disturbing.
  • Sadly, since then he’s been imprisoned and spent time in inpatient rehabilitation.
  • He was released from prison in 2018.


Titus is the poster child for bipolar disorder. On top of things it’s entirely possible he also has CTE due to numerous concussions. Mental health- especially for men, has such a terrible stigma. I hope that since Titus hasn’t been in the news since his release from prison, that he’s getting the help he needs.


Krieg, Dave (2)

Fleer 1990, #269

CARDS: ProSet 1990, ProSet 1989, Fleer 1990
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 3/16 RECEIVED: 5/20/22 (776 days)



Before I had cooked up my plan to get a Dave Krieg autograph out of the really jaded collector mentioned in my previous Krieg post, I had sent to him and was dismayed to miss out on a response. Surprisingly he began to drop correspondence in the mail around 2 months before I got this success- after a bit over a 2 year wait.

Note: The Fleer 1990 is an uncorrected error card. Krieg’s name is mistakenly spelled ‘Kreig’ on the front of the card. As it was uncorrected and in high circulation, it’s worthless.