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Lundy, Wali

Card: Donruss Gridiron Gear 2006, Topps Finest 2006
Acquired: 2016, EBay

The Texans were retooling much of their offense under new head coach Gary Kubiak in 2006.  Left in a pinch by runningback Domanick Davis who was trying to recover from an (eventual career ending) injury, and not feeling any back in the rotation could handle the load, the Texans drafted Wali Lundy in the 6th round of the draft.

The Texans 2006 draft was the best the team had experienced in its young franchise history. It yielded Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Eric Winston, Owen Daniels, Lundy, and David Anderson.  All of these players saw significant and notable playing time with the Texans. Lundy’s flame burned quick and burned bright.  He’d jump Vernand Morency in the lineup and start the Texans first game of the year.

He’d then battle Ron Dayne and Sakmon Gado for the starting job throughout the remainder of season. A nagging ankle injury he suffered during the season carried through to the 2007 preseason. Lundy ended up being one of the final cuts of the preseason, losing out to Sakmon Gado.

Wali played collegiality at Virginia. There he set many records including ACC records with 52 career TDs.  He finished his career for the Cavaliers with 4,497 all purpose yards.  An arts aficionado, Lundy has appeared on the cover of SI based on his music tastes, and is involved in the national arts and music scene.

G/GS 14/8       Rush 124        Yds 476        Avg 3.8        TD 4         Lg  35
Rec 33    Yds  204     Avg  6.2        Td 0        Lg  15

Anderson, David “Dave”

Cards: Donruss Classics 2006, Upper Deck 2006, Leaf Rookies & Stars 2006 Longevity, Leaf Rookies & Stars 2006, Donruss Gridiron 2006, Bowman 2006, Topps Magic 2007.
Acquired: Texans Blitz 2009, In Person 2010

Okay so David Anderson’s story really proves how small the world is to me. I adopted the Texans as my primary team in 2002 and followed them religiously. I was amongst the throng of people who said, “What?” when the Texans took Mario Williams with the first pick of the 2006 draft. It would prove to be the franchise’s best draft, with Williams, Ryans, Winston, Daniels and Anderson all coming out of it with Williams, Ryans and Daniels have all being named to the ProBowl. Dave was the Texans final pick of their draft taken in the 7th round on the 251st pick and I thought the pick was right where it should be. A great reciever at Colorado State, he basically owned all the records at the position when he left. I watched him blow up teams in the preseason in 2006 as Dave was gunning for a job. He’d end up making the team, but would find himself cut and brought back. (Dave later would switch numbers from 14 to 89, because he wanted a ‘real wide receiver number’, after his rookie season.) Dave saw increased playing time as well starting one game in 2008, and 8 games in 2009.  Not the fastest or biggest player on the team, Anderson has solid hands- a fact he attributes to his brother throwing lightning hard footballs at him as a child. (Unofficially, he also has one of the highest thrown to/reception percentages in the league to support this as well.) He’s also a willing blocker and adequate hitter. In 2008 after catching his first professional touchdown, Anderson did Conan O’Brien’s shoestring dance, catching the latter’s attention. Anderson would capitalize off of this making an appearance on O’Brien’s late night show. In 2009, Dave would see time at tight end for the team, pulling down a career high 36 balls emphasizing his ‘do it all mentality’.  After being under utilized by the team in 2010, Anderson would see some time at punt returner, and occasionally back in the slot. In week 14 he grabbed three catches against the Ravens and appeared poised for a good game, but separated his shoulder and missed the rest of the season. He’d finish the year with a paltry 117 yards on 11 catches.

In Spring of 2009, while I was a teacher’s assistant at school, I ran into another football fan- which is a rarity at an art school. I explained to the other fan that I was a Houston Texans fan.  In busts David Anderson’s brother, Erik, questioning me about my loyalties to the franchise, so I had to make perfectly clear that the Oilers retired the day they left Houston- and that the Titans are my arch enemies. He then asked me if I knew who his brother was, quickly trailing off that most people don’t have a clue who David Anderson is. My rebuttal was speedy robotically automatic pulling Dave’s draft card from my brain. We became fast friends. As I helped Erik through the class, he and I would discuss the franchise.  One week during 2009 he brought me in a football from Dave completely signed by the team and retriggering my autograph hobby. I’d meet Dave at their parents’ house in the 2010 post season, where he signed a card or two more for me and took a photo with me. It was illuminating for me as a fan to discuss the league, the fans, and the franchise with him, and it gave me great insight and patience into the inner-workings of the sport. Here’s a picture of Dave and I after we took in the Colts game against the Jets in the playoffs of 2010. In addition you will also find a video about the string dance.


G/Gs  61/10     Rec   81     Yds  886    Avg 10.9    Td  3    Lg  65T