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Lockhart, Eugene (2) ‘Mean Gene the Hitting Machine’

to89 lockhart ud91 lockhart s&s92 lockhart sco90 lockhartflr90 elockhartto90 elockhart

Cards: Score 1990, Stars & Stripes 1992, Topps 1989, Upper Deck 1990, Fleer 1990, Topps 1990, GameDay 1992.
Acquired: 2012, Canton Acquisition. TTM 2015, C/o Home.
Sent: 12/28/15       Received:  1/9/16      (12 days)
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Eugene is a solid bet TTM for fans, and since I had quite a few extra cards of his that I wanted to get signed, I thought I’d go ahead and give him a shot with the Fleer, Topps 90, and Gameday cards. The other cards were all part of the Canton Acquisition back in 2012- when a friend decided to sell his collection as he was exiting the hobby. I don’t normally buy signed cards from other collectors but I felt that as part of a package it was worth the purchase. There’s definitely a difference in the signatures, but that loopy ‘E L’ in both groups is there to trust that it is genuine enough. Each of the cards gday92 elockhartare quite unique. The Stars & Stripes were among my least favorite set- capitalizing off of American pride while just looking bad with the garish Photoshop effect on the type.  Each of the entries have very unique photos as the Topps 90, (in which most cards of the Cowboys are straight up portrait style,) has grown on me over the years.

After emerging from prison from a three year stint for being a part of a mortgage fraud scheme, Eugene has been humbled, but rededicated himself in life to the things that matter most.  He’s a family man who loves to cook. He has goals and wants to become a motivational speaker for kids and incarcerated inmates, and join the Dallas Cowboys Alumni Association so that he can meet and greet all his fans. He’s a warm story and I hope that he is able to find the validation and redemption he deserves.

Lockhart, Eugene

Cards: Action Packed 1990, ProSet 1990, Action Packed 1991
Acquired: In Person 1990, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. TTM 1992, Patriots Blitz

A shrewd 5th round pick by the Dallas Cowboys administration in 1984, Eugene Lockhart was witness to the collapse and rebirth of the dynasty.  Eugene was the first rookie to start at middle linebacker for the Cowboys and was a tackling machine. Perhaps his best season was in 1989 where he logged well over 220 tackles, yet was playing for the 1-15 Cowboys, and was not voted to the ProBowl. The tackles were a club record. Unfortunately the team decided to jettison him to New England (for the Cowboys drafting rights to Russell Maryland) in 1991 where he’d play through the 1992 season and retire. Over the years I got his autograph at Cowboys Training Camp and then through the mail with the Patriots. Lockhart was shocked by the trading and was heartbroken by the decision. He’d be quoted as saying, “It’s a cold business.. and it’s even colder in New England.” While on New England he’d contribute any way he could to the franchise, even playing as the ‘up back’ on special teams. On a more hilarious note, Lockhart blocked his own team’s punt -with his butt. His teammates would affectionately nickname him ‘Bigbutt’.

Unfortunately Lockhart hasn’t made the best decisions since his playing days- being jailed recently for violating the terms of his bail (from bank and wire fraud), reputedly failing a drug test while out on bail. As of early 2011 he is still awaiting trial.

G/Gs 136/117   Tac 996      Sac 16      Fum 11      Int   6    Yds  83     Avg  13.7    Td 1   Lg 32