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Weary, Fred (OG)

mem fred weary

Acquired: Houston Texans Kickoff at Kemah 2014, Houston Texans Draft Party 2015.

wearyOddly  Fred Weary does not have any football cards, even though he was drafted in the 3rd round by the Texans in the 2002 draft.  He’d start 12 of 16 games that rough rookie season, blocking up front alongside Chester Pitts for David Carr– who went down an NFL record 76 times.  He’d play in 20 games over the next 2 following seasons before a new regime came in.  Playing in a new offensive system for Gary Kubiak in 2006, Fred started 12 games. In 2007, Fred was putting together a solid campaign when he broke his leg in a contest against the Titans. The Texans opted to place him on IR for the 2008 campaign to continue rehabilitation, but he was released by the Texans in October of that year.  Fred signed with the Browns for 2009, but was released with an undisclosed injury settlement. In 2013 or 2014 Fred joined the Houston Texans Ambassador program, and makes appearances for the team at functions for meet and greet and autographs.

mem weary2I was not prepared for Fred, so I had him sign the team ‘post card’ included in the Upper Deck 2002 Inaugural Texans set.  It was a wet and soggy affair, but still worth it to nab him and a few other players. Since it was pouring rain they completely moved the event inside to the parking lot. It worked out well despite the humidity, and the lines were not too long.

When I saw him later at the 2015 Draft Party, I had him sign the Texans blank that they provided. A cheap alternative to actually having a card or photo, I appreciate it nonetheless.