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Lewis, Darryll (2)

Cards: Pro Set 1991 WC, Classic 1991
Acquired: TTM 2011, C/o Home
Sent: 8/25/11   Received: 2/21/12  (180 days)
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Darryl Lewis was a player on the Oilers I liked to watch a lot, as he outperformed expectations despite his size. A consensus All-American and Jim Thorpe Recipient in 1991, great hands, productivity, deceptive speed, and leaping allowed Lewis to keep pace with many of the best wide receivers in the game and well into his career as a professional.   A member of the Houston Oilers Young Guns secondary, Lewis played for the Oilers/Titans, Chargers, and Broncos over an 11 season career.  I got his autograph via the team back in 1993 on my birthday, and always wanted to circle back around and get his again on these two cards I had.  He did some coaching at Oregon State with Mike Riley but unfortunately Lewis has had legal issues and had been detained for a few years. Recently he has been granted his release.

Since I had always wanted to get his autograph on this Pro Set card, I went ahead and took a shot at the former Oiler/ Charger DB where he lives near San Diego. This Classic 1991 card I had is probably among the ugliest ever produced outside of the Fleer 1991 entry. These cards are both considered error cards as they misspell Darryll’s name as “Darryl”.

Everett, Thomas

Card: Score Supplemental 1989
Acquired: In Person, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 1992

Thomas Everett signed with the Cowboys in the final years of Plan B from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992. A graduate from Baylor University in Waco, Thomas Everett was the winner of the Jim Thorpe Trophy in 1986, at a day and age where Baylor was known in college for its amazing defensive pedigree and not as a college doormat. A consistent and dependable safety, in 5 years with the Steelers Thomas would make 16 interceptions and 315 tackles before heading over to the Cowboys where he started at strong safety, playing alongside and mentoring young Darren Woodson. Everett would provide stability at the position, helping the Cowboys earn a SuperBowl appearance after the 1992 season and again in 1993 when he shifted to free safety for the season. After the conclusion of the 1993 season in which he only started 9 games, Everett would sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he played well through 1995, starting 25 games and retired where he has now gone into coaching in the Dallas area.

G/Gs 128/117    Tac 565   Sac 1   Fum  4   Int 21  Yds 255   Avg 12.1    Td 0   Lg 32

Lewis, Darryll

Cards: Pro Set 1991, Action Packed Rookies 1991, Star Pics 1991.
Acquired: TTM 1993, In Person, Houston Oilers training camp 1994.
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On my birthday in 1993 I received Darryll’s autograph in the mail. It was a really nice treat.  The next year at Oiler training camp in San Antonio he gave me his autograph on a card. I’d swear he was as tall as me.

The 1990 Jim Thorpe Award winner did not go until the second round as the defensive back class was considered weak that year and Lewis was also thought to be undersized. The Oilers, who had long been burned the previous 2 seasons on defense drafted Lewis, Michael Dumas, and Steve Jackson in the 1991 draft. In the end this draft provided a bevvy of defensive backfield ballhawk talent, including Eric Turner, Aeneas Williams, Todd Scott,  Henry Jones, along with Darryll. It was Lewis who would form with holdover Cris Dishman and become a devastating duo at cornerback. Lewis made up for his height disadvantage with pure speed and his leaping skill. By 1994, he also became known for soft hands and a nose for the ball at the critical moment, notching  at least 4 picks in 6 straight seasons.

Lewis would play for the Oilers, Chargers, and Broncos briefly over a 10 year career making the Pro Bowl in 1996. Unfortunately Lewis’ post NFL life has been marred by personal problems. After resigning from Oregon State as a DB assistant coach, he has  had run ins with the law including a tragic car chase caught on tape in 2005, where meth was found in his vehicle. He pleaded guilty to the charges in 2006 and was sentenced to 32 months in prison. He currently he lives in the San Diego area.

Games 142     Tac 404    Sac 5      FF 0
Int 32        Yds 555        Lg 98T     TD 5