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Shipley, Jordan (3)

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sco10 shipleysco10 jshipley HRCards: Score 2010, Score 2010 Hot Rookies, Adrenalyn 2010, Donruss Rookies & Stars 2010 Studio Rookies, Photo Memorabilia, Donruss Rookies & Stars 2011, Score 2011, Donruss Rookies & Stars 2010 Dress for Success, Absolute Memorabilia 2010 Rookie Jersey Collection, Absolute 2011 Stargazing, Panini 2011 Plates.
Acquired: IP 12/19/2015, Bud Light Austin Tour. IP 6/25/2016, Jordan Shipley Camp
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Knocked out a few more Jordan Shipley cards at a signing I heard about through BAM in December. dor&s10 shipley SRadr10 jshipleyI got to the event location even before Shipley did and was a bit nervous to go in since it was such a random little corner store in Lakeway. Then I saw Jordan and his wife pull in, and right afterwards- a cop pulled in behind

them to issue a ticket. Pretty funny. When I brought it up with Jordan, I told him that I didn’t take a photo because I thought it would have been in bad taste, he and I had a small chuckle.

Jordan signed all these items in a really nice gold Sharpie. He was mightily impressed by the classy Donruss Rookies & Stars to which he dor&s11 jshipleysco11 jshipley jcstopped and looked at, and then remarked that he hadn’t seen the card before. It’s really nice that these events are taken care of the way they are. BAM runs a tight ship, and they are really getting this down to a science. The photo memorabilia is nice, but the logos are garishly

I went to Jordan’s event in June the next year reloaded with a bunch of patch cards. The weather was seasonably humid, with a touch of evening showers. Thankfully the downpour cleared up before the event ended. Nathan hooked me up with this event, and initially I had dor&s10 jshipley dfspoff10ab jshipley jchoped that it would’ve been a crown event for a fellow collector who was going to visit- but that fell through. Still I managed to fly solo and scoop up Jordan on all the cards I had brought. Again he was in awe of some of the cards that he had never seen. We briefly talked about the patch cards, which surprisingly he questioned the authenticity of the Score and Donruss cards, because the threads were so tight.

That’s entirely possible, but since these were from the rookie premiere, the jerseys may have actually been made of other materials. These cards are very nice issues. I really like mem15 shipleythe Absolute Stargazing card. Lots of space for an autograph to take off on the card.

I ran into Gameday Sportstours while I was there. I was impressed by their staff and dedication to the hobby.  It renewed my faith in their operation and I will probably use them again in the future.  They are definitely a mom and pop type operation, but overall after talking to the owner I got a good feel for
him and his crew. It’s a shame he pretty much just specializes in Cowboys events. I’d love to see him put something together for the Texans or Oilers. The highlight of talking to his crew was them trying to sell me an autographed helmet, but thanks to my aversion to getting footballs and helmets signed, I was largely uninterested. It also helped that my collection is so deep, that I had already gotten many of the classic names in their collection.

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Shipley, Jordan (2)

mem shipleyAcquired: 2013, GMC NFL Texas Tour
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I was not able to stay at the GMC event late on Saturday when Shipley was there, but because the sponsors of the show recognized me from the previous day, they asked me if I’d like an autograph. At first they offered me an additional Priest Holmes, but since I already had one they offered me any of the other players that were available that I’d like, so I took the Shipley as my prize. A great photo of Jordan here, it would do any receiver justice and make them proud. Just an absolutely exquisite action pose. For the GMC event, I was surprised that they spared no expense on these really nice Kodak photos. Remarkably they also are free of any logos or GMC promotional information on them.

Jordan was resigned, but did not make the roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012. I think he’d still make a nice slot fit for the Texans offense, but it looks like Shipley is getting little to no nibbles on the wire outside of a tryout with the New England Patriots. He lives in Central Texas and is an avid hunter.

Shipley, Jordan

sco12 shipleyCard: Score 2012
Acquired: 2/2/13, IP Sam’s Club Austin

Jordan Shipley was an outstanding receiver for the University of Texas football program. At the time of his graduation he was the school’s all-time leader in receptions with 248, second in yards with 3,191, and second in touchdowns with 33. A two time All-American catching passes from Colt McCoy, Shipley also demonstrated versatility on special teams holding on FGs and returning punts and kickoffs.  (Jordan played 6 years at UT, losing 2 to medical redshirt.)

Shipley was taken in the 3rd round of the 2010 draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals were set with starters Chad OchoCinco (Johnson) and Terrell Owens, so he spent a significant amount of his time on the bench behind them. Thankfully with Carson Palmer under center at the time, there was plenty to go around. Jordan finished 2010 ranked 3rd among rookies with 52 receptions for 600 yards (11.5 YPC) and 3 touchdowns. Things were looking up going into 2011, but in week 2 he suffered a terrible kneemem shipley injury that required him to miss the entire season and a good portion of the 2012 preseason. Inexplicably he’d be cut by the Bengals, and was picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers briefly. Soon there after Shipley was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars and finished 2012 with 23 receptions for 244 yards, 10.6 YPC, and a touchdown. In early 2013, the Jaguars rewarded him by resigning him as an exclusive rights free agent.

I heard about the Jordan Shipley signing at Sam’s Club through the Texas Autograph Club boards. Surprisingly there was very little traffic for Jordan at the store, so he had no problem signing the Score card plus the Tyson’s card. I was a bit disappointed that I only had one of him, but hear that he’s always found signing things around Austin, so I will try to get back to him again. We talked briefly about his grizzled beard, if he’d sign with the Texans who needed a good slot presence, had a good laugh, and took a photo before I was out the door. Overall it was a pretty good experience and I hope he gets to prove himself with the Jaguars- just not when playing against the Texans.