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Staubach, Roger (2)

Action Packed Whizzer White Award 1991, #13

CARD: Action Packed Whizzer White Award 1991
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home*
SENT: 6/17 RECEIVED: 7/23 (36 days)
*Fee Enclosed



I got Roger many, many years ago in person at Cowboys training camp, but over the last few years there was a few cards I added to my collection from sets I really wanted to get signed. Staubach was kind enough to sign 1 of 2, but also sent a note back saying not to write to him again.

Staubach was also one of these players whose fee and signing habits changed wildly over the last 20 years. There was also a rumor that he had a ghost signer. While I couldn’t verify whether or not that was true, this autograph is certainly different than the one I got in person back in the 90s.

Kennison, Eddie (2)

Leaf Rookies & Stars 2005, #57

CARDS: Leaf Rookies & Stars 2005 (RED 111/249)
ACQUIRED: TTM 2021, C/o Home
SENT: 10/3 RECEIVED: 11/25 (53 days)



The previous card that I had gotten from Eddie was gifted to my from my friend Lance, so I thought I’d try him TTM. Long rumored to not sign any Rams cards due to the fallout he had with the franchise, I thought my best bet would be to ask him to sign some Chiefs cards. Well, he signed one of two, opting not to sign the Upper Deck MVP card- but that’s okay, I really like this red parallel that he was kind enough to sign for me.

Dawson, Len (2) (1935-2022)

CARDS: Topps 1970, Upper Deck Legends 1997
ACQUIRED: TTM 2020, C/o Home
SENT: 4/24 RECEIVED: 5/2 (8 DAYS)
FAILURE: TTM 2010, C/o Home


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After I got Len’s autograph back in 2016, a lot of rumors started up that perhaps he was being ghost signed. I did pay a small fee for his autograph and got these back quite quickly. The biggest hang up that the TTM community had over his autograph was the fluidity of it, and how the ‘L’ and the ‘D’ were just too… loopy, almost feminine, and that they changed styles.

I could see their concerns, but regardless felt confident enough to get Len on these two set needs. My reasoning is that as people do get older their autographs do change, and that I’d seen a lot of these ‘loopy’ autographs be passed off as certified and also as authentic. I, myself was very happy to not only get these two back in a very short period of time, but also that he inscribed them with his HOF year.


8/24/22- Len Dawson was moved to hospice in the last few days, where he passed away at the age of 87.