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Williams, Andre

Cards: Topps Valor 2014, Topps 2014 Chrome, Leaf Draft 2013, Topps Valor 2014 Strength, Topps Fire 2014, Topps Flashback 85 Chrome 2014
Acquired: IP 2020, Houston Roughnecks/ Tampa Bay Vipers Scrimmage, Houston Roughnecks Season Ticket Holders Party

Andre Williams quietly put himself together quite a ledger while playing his college ball for Boston College from 2010-2013. During his Senior year he ran 355 times for 2,177 yards and 18 TDs, earning the Doak Walker award for his efforts in 2013. He was also a unanimous All-American. Williams parlayed his efforts into a 4th round selection by the New York Giants.

Andre had a solid rookie year with 721 yards and 7 rushing TDs, including a 131 yard effort against the Titans. Surprisingly after a poor performance in 2015, Andre was released by the team. He’d earn his way onto the starting roster with the Chargers in 2016, running for 87 yards in the season finale. He’d see sparse playing time for the team in 2017 on and off the practice squad and then as an injury casualty to end the season.

Williams was selected in the 9th round of the XFL player draft by the Houston Roughnecks in 2020. The Roughnecks under head coach June Jones exclusively ran the Run N Shoot offense, so there was just one back in the backfield. Andre split time in the backfield with James Butler. In 5 contests, Andre rushed 23 times for 92 yards. It’s a shame that the XFL ended when it did, as Williams had his best game in the finale against Seattle, rushing 10 times for 54 yards in the Roughnecks 32-23 win.

With a lot of Run N Shoot style backs available to the Roughnecks in the XFL Draft, I was surprised the Roughnecks selected Williams. Nonetheless I snuck him onto my XFL fantasy squad, figuring that he’d eventually he’d see the lion’s share of carries.

Andre had a stack of great cards that were produced in a very short period of time. He’s got a pretty solid graph too, with some nice loops and a strong hook on the S at the end. I really liked his Topps Valor cards. They really pulled out all the punches at the end on that set, and artistically it has a lot of merit.

The first time I got Andre’s autograph, Lance and I caught him as he was leaving the field after the Vipers scrimmage. He was very nice, and graciously signed a stack of card for me. At the end of our conversation, he blessed me- which made me respond accordingly and thank him for his time.

I think I just had one more card of him left for the Roughnecks Season Ticket Holder event the weekend before the first game. He was interviewed by the FOX Sports team and as he left the stage signed this final card for me.

Quarles, Kelcy

Card: Leaf Draft 2014
Acquired: BB 2018, Walmart Autographed Memorabilia

Defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles played college ball for the Gamecocks of South Carolina from 2011-2013. He posted 66 solo tackles, 39 assists, 23.5 tackles for loss, 13 sacks, 1 pass defended, and 1 fumble recovery over his time at the school.  He was expected to be drafted somewhere around round 5 or 6, but fell out of the draft entirely and became a priority free agent.

Signing with the Giants after the 2014 Draft, he’d be claimed off of waivers by the Patriots and placed on their practice squad. The Colts signed Kelcy from the Patriots- but found himself on and off the regular roster the remainder of the season. He’d be waived in 2015 and returned to the Patriots practice squad later in the year. Then he’d be cut, and returned again to the Colts, where he played the rest of the season. Although he did not make the final roster of the squad in 2016, he’d be on and off the practice squad throughout the rest of the year.  In his brief NFL career, Kelcy played in 2 games making 1 tackle, 1 sack, and a pass defended.

Quick rant. So I went into Walmart, and they had these great little hangar packs called ‘Walmart Autographed Memorabilia’. Like the Target cousin, I’m not expecting much. I get 5 packs of cards and an autograph AND a patch card. For 15 bucks- yeah okay- it works, but when it is hanging on the $9.99 rack: Two please! That’s what led me to my problem. They weren’t hanging there because they were priced at $9.99 each. They were there because somebody ignorantly hung them there. Needless to say the store manager refused to give me the $9.99 price point, so I refused to buy any of them out of principle. Later I came back to the store and found them hanging again on the $9.99 rack.

Niklas, Troy ‘Hercules’

Card: Leaf Draft 2014
Acquired: 2014, Box Breaker

Troy Niklas was the back up to wonder TE Tyler Eifert while at Notre Dame.  He played 3 years at the school from 2011 to 2013.  Niklas played his Freshman year at linebacker, but realizing his talent and having a need at tight end, coaches decided to move Troy to the offensive side of the ball. He came on strong during his Junior year in 2013 when he recorded 32 receptions for 498 yards and 5 touchdowns. Troy was selected in the 2nd round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals.  Injuries however have derailed most of his career.  He had his first professional touchdown during week 6 of 2015 on a 13 yard reception. The Cards used him in sort of an H-Back role in 2017. In 11 starts he had 11 receptions for 132 yards and a TD. With the apparent emergence of Ricky Jones-Seals at tight end during the course of the season, Niklas was allowed to test the free agent waters in 2018 and signed with the Patriots. Currently he’s a free agent.

So this and another autographed card, I was digging through the collection and realized that I had never uploaded them (or I had uploaded them and something happened on the production side with my website and they were removed). Better late than never 4 years or so later! Guess it is time to do an inventory.