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Moats, Ryan (2)

Card: Playoff Contenders 2005
Acquired: 5/11/12, Target Autograph Memorabilia
See Also: Moats, Ryan

Really nice card and presentation by Playoff here on the Moats card. I wasn’t too impressed with their last entry of his, but this one really is framed well and also has a great look and design too. The Contenders cards really had an original look to them, and practiced really concise, proper typography. It’s clean and for the most part, very easy to read.

Ryan Moats was drafted by the Eagles, in 2005 but stacked at runningback he didn’t see much playing time initially behind encumbant Brian Westbrook. Although he’d see limited playing time in 2006, an injury forced him completely out of the 2007 season. Unable to crack the lineup by 2008, Ryan was released in final cuts. Moats signed and was cut by the Cardinals to their practice squad.

He’d go onto greater glory playing for the Texans, who at the time were having a difficult time at runningback with injuries to Steve Slaton and Ahman Green, and fumbles limiting Chris Brown‘s effectiveness. The team turned to Moats, and he responded leading the charge at runningback splitting time with Slaton and Brown throughout 2009 season until the emergence of Arian Foster. He’d be cut during 2010 and find a home with the Vikings.

In 2011, the UFL announced their ‘protected player list’- (which amounts to a supplemental draft of veterans from the NFL who were cut from squads that the clubs want).  Moats was among the names selected by the Omaha Nighthawks, but Ryan elected not to play in the young league.


Moats, Ryan

Card: Playoff Prestige 2005
Acquired: Texans Blitz 2009
See Also: Ryan Moats (2)

I bleed Houston football colors, whether it is the Oilers or Texans, so when I go to an art school it’s desperate times to find other fellow football fans, little less Texans. Teacher assisting Digital Design at school during the fall of last year, it came as quite a surprise to not only find 2 fans in the class, but one of them was related to a player on the Texans. When he asked me if I knew who his brother was, I immediately rambled off nearly his whole draft card. Over the next few months I pulled the student through the class and in appreciation for what I did, he had his brother send me an autographed ball and some equipment. My friendship with the student would grow, and he and I would watch all the Texans games on TV. His brother in appreciation for being such a big fan got about 60 cards for me signed. He told me it was no big deal, (because all the players harassed each other when I didn’t have their card), and he’d do it again but I’d have to provide him with every player’s card. Later we’d even sit down and watch the playoffs where the player painstakingly answered all my NFL questions.

Ryan Moats was originally drafted by Philadelphia Eagles in the 3rd round of the 2005 draft.  In his 5 years since, Moats has been a reliable RB presence, but has always found himself in a numbers game, playing for the Eagles, Cardinals, Texans and Vikings. In his best pro game to date, (2009) Moats came off the bench against Buffalo and had 126 yards on 26 carries and 3 touchdowns. Moats was signed by the Vikings in 2010 where he was reunited with former coach Brad Childress from Philadelphia in Minnesota. Unfortunately caught in a numbers game he’d be released by the Vikings during final cuts.