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Turk, Matt

Card: Pacific 1997
Acquired: TTM 2009,  Texans Blitz

Wow. Here’s another player that’s been playing since the twilight years of the Houston Oilers. Matt Turk like nearly all punters went undrafted coming out of college at Wisconsin-Whitewater in 1993.  He’d sign with his homestate Packers, but would not make the squad that season, or the Rams the following season in 1994.  In 1995, Matt found a home with the Washington Redskins where he’d punt from 1995-1999, earning Pro Bowl berths for his 96, 97, and 98 campaigns. For his 1996 season, Matt would earn AP honors with an outstanding 45.1 yard average and duplicate the feat again in 1997. He’d sign with the Dolphins in 2000, and punt 92 times that season, kicking a season long 70 yard punt. In 2002 Turk would play one season for the Jets, and then in 2003 returned to Miami to play two additional seasons for the Dolphins. He’d punt a career high 98 times in 2004. Out of work for 2005,  the Rams would play host to Matt in 2005 before he signed with the Houston Texans in 2007.

Unseating Chad Stanley (the Texans punter since the team’s inception,) Turk has punted for over 10,000 yards on a 42.2 yard average during his tenure and ranks second among active punters in yards. A big guy at 6’5″, 248, Matt is one of the larger punters in the league.

G 235      P  1100          Yds 46659          Avg    42.4       lg 77         Blk  3

12/3/2011- Turk would sign with the Jaguars but not win the punting job. He currently is a free agent contemplating retirement.


Sullivan, Kent

Card: Ultimate WLAF 1991
Acquired: In Person, Houston Oiler Training Camp 1993.

Kent punted for the San Antonio Riders in both 1991 and 1992 booming a career high 72 yarder in 1991.  A fairly accurate punter- Sullivan dropped 28 punts behind the 20. In 1992 Kent threw a touchdown off of a fake punt for 22 yards and ranked third in the league in punting. After the league reorganized, Sullivan became a journeyman punter over the next few years. Houston utilized him as a replacement for Greg Montgomery briefly when Montgomery held out and then stepped in for KC and SD again before returning to Houston again. All in all Sullivan played for 4 teams over a two year period and attended training camp with a variety of teams before finally retiring after losing the open punting competition in Washington with Matt Turk after 1995.

Riders   Games 20    Punts  105          Yds 4171          Avg  39.7        TB 10     in20  28      LG 72       Blk 2