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Mohr, Chris

Cards: Ultimate WLAF 1991, Ultimate WLAF Special Teams 1991, Proset WLAF 1991 LL, Proset WLAF 1991, Athletes in Action
Acquired: TTM 2010, C/o Home.
Sent: 5/10   Received: 8/6    (88 days)

Chris Mohr was born in tiny Thompson, GA, ironically the same town of former punter great Ray Guy.  In college, Mohr would attend Alabama where he ranks as one of the best punters in the school’s history. After being drafted in the 6th round by the Buccaneers Mohr would be their punter/holder for 1989. He was named to the All Rookie team that year.

After being disappointedly cut in 1990, Mohr was drafted by the Montreal Machine of the WLAF, in their inaugural positional draft. Chris would become one of the Machine’s most notable players and he would capitalize off of the opportunity given to him by the WLAF to lead the league with 2436 yards on 57 punts (being named All-World in 1991.) Chris was signed at the end of the season by the Buffalo Bills in 1991. Mohr would stay with the Bills throughout the remainder of the 90s and 2000. He’d play from 2001- 2005 with the Falcons, and officially announced his retirement in 2007 after signing a one day contract with the Bills.  (Although many former WLAF players now pepper the coaching and minor league ranks, Chris would be the last of the original WLAF players to retire from professional football.)  Since retiring Chris has been active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is an accomplished country songwriter. I was able to track him down with the power of Google, and he signed my 4 cards, including one of his own, in about 3 months time. Included are his WLAF statistics.

WLAF  P   57       Yds  2436       Avg  42.7     lg    58       in20   13       blk   2

Johnson, Ricky

Cards: ProSet WLAF 1991.
Acquired: In Person, San Antonio Riders v. Montreal Machine

After leading the Terrapins in both rushing and kick returning as a Junior, Ricky was originally signed by the Indianapolis Colts as a free agent in 1990, and then was drafted by Montreal in the 5th round of the WLAF positional draft.  All-purpose tailback Ricky Johnson would lead the Montreal Machine attack from the backfield, as the team’s major weakness was a propensity for its quarterbacks to get injured. Because of this Ricky finished as the team’s career leader in rushing. In season two Ricky appeared to be off to a fast start as he was ranked second in the league in rushing behind San Antonio runningback Ivory Lee Brown. The team continued to rely on him heavily but his season was ended prematurely when Johnson suffered a catastrophic knee injury against the Ohio Glory.  -Montreal dropped their last seven contests.

Games  14        Att  159         Yds 687          Avg  4.3             TD 2               Lg 56