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Anderson, Ottis ‘OJ’ (3)

Cards: ProSet 1991 SBXXV, Score 1990 Ground Force, Topps 1990 1,000 Yard Club, Absolute Ink 2015
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home.
TTM 2020, C/o Home
Sent: 11/18 Received: 11/30 (12 days)
Sent: 2/22 Received: 3/1 (7 days)
See Also: OJ Anderson, Ottis Anderson (2)
* Fee Enclosed

When I saw that there was a small spike in Ottis Anderson autographs, I had to pound these cards out the door as fast as I could. I had gotten him in the past, way back in 2010, and paid an exorbitant fee to secure the autographs. On top of that the autographs were not consistent card to card- which really upset me. Later I pulled a certified autograph of OJ’s which really made me feel better- however I realized after the fact, because I didn’t have a firm grasp on my inventory back then, that I missed out on a lot of great cards to get signed.

Among my favorites of this era were the Score 1990 Ground Force cards. This one of Ottis was released in their Series II set. It’s a nice little shot of him, and his white uniform pops off the dark background quite nicely.

The Topps 1990 card seemed to be the ubiquitous shot of Ottis running for 3 yards with 4 defenders on him. It’s a well framed shot, if not for the hot green and yellow used to stage the significance of the image.

Much later I picked up this Absolute Football Ink certified autograph. I meant to give it away as part of a promotion to some people who I know through my Facebook group, but I fell in love with the design of the card and decided to keep it.

Very clearly I still wanted to get Ottis’ autograph still on a few more cards. Among them was his Pro Set 1990 MVP Super Bowl XXV card. This card was not released in the 1990 set, rather it was a special insert into Pro Set 1991 Series II. While somewhat rare compared to the other cards in the set, because Pro Set in general was overprinted, there really wasn’t a shortage of this card- just of demand. I was not aware that it existed until last year, but had trouble finding it in the open market. Eventually one of the new friends I had made through a Facebook TTM group I help manage (Rick) nabbed a copy for me that I got signed.

No doubt, Ottis had many set needs I was still after, and all of these represented one in one fashion or another. Hopefully I am done, but when I initially sent it to him this time around, I forgot the donation. He returned the letter and cards, so I awkwardly put it in there with the cards and a note. He responded in no time flat, signing all 4.

Young, Charlie

Card: Ultimate World League 1992
Acquired: TTM 2020, C/o Home
Sent: 1/15/20 Received: 5/2/20 (108 days)
Failure: 2019, C/o Stanford (RTS)

Charlie Young played ball for the Stanford Cardinal where mixed time between runningback and receiver from 1987 to 1990. In 1987 he posted 17 receptions for 246 yards and a TD, while rushing 37 times for 130 yards and another TD. He also returned 17 kicks for 336 yards. He’d be moved to WR for 1988, and have a pretty solid campaign, catching 43 passes for 560 yards and 2 TDs. After his 1989 season was washed due to injury, he saw sparse playing time in 1990 accumulating 233 yards from scrimmage. Charles was not selected in the 1991 NFL Draft, and subsequently did not make the roster of the Raiders.

Charlie was selected by the in the 7th round of the 1992 World League Draft. He’d split time between the London Monarchs and the Montreal Machine that season rushing 50 times for 147 yards and a TD. He’d be a valuable stop valve with the Machine catching 22 passes for 203 yards and a 30 yard TD. (For purposes of the team histories however- he’s classified with the team his card pictures him with.)

After the league reorganized, Charlie returned stateside where he bounced around between squads. He’d see time with the Giants and 49ers in 1992, and the Raiders in 1993. Charlie then returned to the World League in 1995 after it reorganized, playing for the Rhein Fire, rushing for 44 yards and a TD while catching 11 passes for 125 yards. He also spent a small amount of time returning kicks during his world tour, accounting for some 180 yards on 12 returns.

Charlie has put his economics degree/ MBA to good work since his playing days, and after a tour on the board at Stanford, resides in Illinois where he is involved in real estate.

I had been on the hunt for Charlie for quite a while, but with such a common name I couldn’t just look in the phone book. It took an article on Charlie’s work for Stanford to pop up, so I wrote him C/o the university. They responded by giving me his forwarding address. I quickly gave up on this request, but lo and behold after about 3 months, he wrote me back with a nice thank-you card.


Doyle, Philip

Card: Wild Card World League 1992, Memorabilia
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 8/29 Received: 9/18 (19 days)

Philip Doyle was the starting kicker for the Alabama Crimson Tide from 1987 to 1990 and set numerous records at the school. In his final year at Alabama, he went 24 of 29 on field goals, and 78 of 105 over his career. Doyle was not selected in the 1990 draft, but signed as a free agent with the New York Giants. He’d later be waived before the regular season.

Philip joined the Birmingham Fire of the World League in 1992. As the Fire struggled with getting in the endzone, Doyle provided the team consistency in the kicking game. He’d end up leading all World League scorers with 64 points. Doyle was directly responsible for kicking field field goals that secured the tie against London, and the game winning kick that ultimately sent the Fire to the playoffs (over the Ohio Glory).