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Taylor, Jim (1935-2018)

Card: Topps 1965
Acquired: In Person 1993, (Signing fee)

One of the best rushing fullbacks in the NFL’s history before the AFL merger, Jim Taylor was drafted in 1958 by the Green Bay Packers after winning the MVP honors of the NCAA Senior Bowl. Jim would be overshadowed by teammates Bart Starr and Jim Hornug, and NFL rushing champion Jim Brown, but Taylor would win the rushing record in 1962 -the only season Jim Brown failed to. Taylor was a winner of the NFL championship in 1961 and 1962.  He’d later score the first rushing touchdown in SuperBowl I enroute to the team’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. A 6 time All Pro selection and 5 time Pro Bowl selection, Jim was a member of the 1960s All Decade team. Taylor was also a durable, brutal hitter, who was quite effective out of the backfield on swing passes (and made 1,000 yard seasons on a 14 game schedule regularly).In his final season in the league in 1967 he’d be traded to the expansion New Orleans Saints – retiring at season’s end.  Jim was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976 and his most outstanding memory of playing was being named the league MVP in 1962. Taylor has also been inducted into the Wisconsin and Packers HoF. Recently Jim was named the best player in NFL history to wear the #31. Josh and I drove downtown to the Austin Convention Center where there was a card show where Taylor was at. We were two of the first people there and Jim gave me a big handshake where he almost crushed my fingers. Taylor was selected by the Green Bay Packers to announce their 2nd round draft choice in 2011.

G 132   Att 1941    Yds 8597    Avg 4.4   Td 83   lg 84    |   Rec 225   Yds 1756    Avg 7.8   Td 10   lg 41

UPDATE: 10/13/18- Jim Taylor passed away early on Saturday morning at the age of 83.

Starr, Bart (1934-2019)

Cards: ProSet Super Bowl 1, ProSet MVP SB I, ProSet Super Bowl 2, ProSet MVP SB II.
Acquired: TTM 2010, c/o The Starr Foundation*
Sent: 1/4  Received: 1/30  (26 days)
*Requires donation

There’s gotta be a place to start (or restart as it may,) and to kick off my return to the world of autograph collecting, I wanted it to begin with a bang, so without further adieu I present Bart Starr MVP of Superbowl 1 and 2. I discovered that in the world of the internet, it was much easier to find players now, and Starr is a great example of this. A surprise added bonus was the fact that when you donate the required fees, Bart puts the money towards the Rawhide program who then sends you updates through the year to let you know how those at risk kids are doing.  (I will probably get Bart’s auto again next year, just because the Rawhide program makes you feel like you are making a difference in peoples’ lives.) Bart painstakingly autographed these four cards for my charitable contribution, returned the SASE in under a month’s time and enclosed another letter with a thank you as well.

Bart Starr is the epitome of the old guard of the NFL before the AFL merger. A 5 time NFL champion (61,62,65-67), He was also a 4 time Pro Bowl selection, and NFL MVP in 1966. It goes without saying that he is in the Packers Hall of Fame,  Won the MVP of Superbowls I and II, and made the NFL 1960’s All-Decade Team. (Starr would also found the Rawhide Boys Ranch during his playing days.) After his illustrious and decorated career ended, Starr would go on to have his number retired, coach the Packers for 9 years leading them to 2 playoff appearances and be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977. In 1988 Bart would tragically lose his son Bret to a cardiac arrythmia while that same year, the Bart Starr Award would be created. (It is given to this day to players of outstanding moral character.)

For many years Bart remained heavily involved in Rawhide, public speaking, and ran Heathcare Realty Management. In recent years he cut back his schedule as his health declined- including signing autographs.

Games 196     Att  3149     Comp 1808      Pct 57.4%
Yds 24718      TD 152     Int 138     Rat 80.5

*UPDATE 5/26/19* Bart Starr passed away today at the age of 85.

Sayers, Gale

Cards: Upper Deck Legends 1997, Action Packed Whizzer White Award 1991.
Acquired: TTM 2010 c/o Sayers Corp.*
Sent: 4/28  Received: 5/26 (29 days)
* Requires donation

I had been watching this miniseries on NFL Network called “Full Color Football” and it briefly mentioned Gale and a few other players from the NFL before the AFL merger. After doing a search on the former great, I found his website and found the fee ‘reasonable’ in order to add him to my collection. I used to shrug at the idea of paying players for autographs, but as years have passed and also I realize the time it takes, the inconvenience it may cause, and how it may provide some players an income they need.

Gale Sayers is a former running back of the Chicago Bears from 1965-1971 who had a legendary career. The NFL rookie of the year had a record 22 touchdowns in his rookie year, 2,272 yards from scrimage, and tied the record for most TD’s in a game with 6. He would also set the record of 30.56 on kick returns on 91 returns, 6 of them going for touchdowns.  Injuries ended Sayers career prematurely in 1971, and he would be elected to the HOF in 1977. A 5 time All-Pro and 4 time Pro Bowl Selection, Sayers would be named the MVP of the Pro Bowl 3 times, to the NFL 75th Anniversary Team, and the 1960s all decade team.  Sayers has had an extremely successful career after football, as he is Chairman of Sayers40 Inc, and an active fundraiser for the city of Chicago and the University of Kansas.

Games  68     Att 991      Yds 4956     Avg  5.0       TD 39