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Sayers, Gale (1943-2020) ‘Kansas Comet’

Cards: Upper Deck Legends 1997, Action Packed Whizzer White Award 1991.
Acquired: TTM 2010 c/o Sayers Corp.*
Sent: 4/28  Received: 5/26 (29 days)
* Required Donation

I had been watching this miniseries on NFL Network called “Full Color Football” and it briefly mentioned Gale and a few other players from the NFL before the AFL merger. After doing a search on the former great, I found his website and found the fee ‘reasonable’ in order to add him to my collection. I used to shrug at the idea of paying players for autographs, but as years have passed and also I realize the time it takes, the inconvenience it may cause, and how it may provide some players an income they need.

Gale Sayers is a former running back of the Chicago Bears from 1965-1971 who had a legendary career. The NFL rookie of the year had a record 22 touchdowns in his rookie year, 2,272 yards from scrimage, and tied the record for most TD’s in a game with 6. He would also set the record of 30.56 on kick returns on 91 returns, 6 of them going for touchdowns.  

The comeback player of the year in 1969, injuries ended Sayers career prematurely in 1971, and elected to the HOF in 1977, as the youngest player inducted into the Pro Football HoF at 34.  A 5 time All-Pro and 4 time Pro Bowl Selection, Sayers was named the MVP of the Pro Bowl 3 times, to the NFL 75th Anniversary Team at two position, and is a member of the 1960s All Decade Team.  

Sayers had an extremely successful career after football, was Chairman of Sayers40 Inc, and an active fundraiser for the city of Chicago and the University of Kansas.  It is noted that Sayers had two signatures. If you received a signature with a ‘$’ for the ‘S’, that was his way of him indicating that he thought you were going to resell his autograph. In his last few years he began winding down public events and signings due to the onset of dementia.


UPDATE 9/23/20- Gale Sayers passed away this morning at the age of 77.