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Cash, Keith

Cards: UT Upper Deck 2011, Pacific 1991, Wild Card 1991
Acquired: TTM 2019, C/o Work
Sent: 12/13/19 Received: 12/27/19 (14 days)
Failure: TTM 2014, C/o Home

Keith and his twin brother Kerry both played tight end for the Texas Longhorns. Keith really stood out his Senior year catching 33 passes for 605 yards and 6 TDs. (That’s 18.3 yards per catch- at tight end!)

He’d be selected in the 7th round of the 1991 draft by the Washington Redskins. Keith hopped around the league from there, playing in 1991 with the Steelers and catching his first professional TD. It’d be in 1992 that Cash joined the Chiefs, where he spent his final 5 season with. Over that period he’d catch 111 passes for 1046 yards and 9 TDs.

It’d be in 1993 that the Houston Oilers hosted the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. With Joe Montana at QB the Chiefs pulled off a comeback victory over the Oilers 28-20. During that game, Keith caught a TD pass from Joe, and immediately spiked it square on the face of then Houston defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. It was the proverbial nail in the coffin, not only for the game, but for the franchise itself.

It was rumored that Keith was mad at the Oilers, because like many teams do, they called him up, and told him that they were going to select him soon. Instead they passed on him, and he was eventually selected by the Redskins. I guess he never let that go.

Keith retired after the 1996 season- and so did his brother. They went back to school at UT and finished their Sports Management degrees.

A friend of mine on Twitter who is a big Chiefs fan was kind enough to pass Keith’s address on to me after he got his autograph. While I’ve always felt sore about Keith sticking a dagger through my heart when I was an Oilers fan, I had some great memories of him with his time at Texas and watching him and his brother on Raycom. As of 2020 he works for the Chiefs Alumni Association.


McDowell, Bubba (3)

scosup89 mcdowellpset92 mcdowellsky92-bmcdowellap90-bmcdowellpac91-bmcdowellgday93 mcdowellCards: ProSet 1992, Score Supplemental 1989, GameDay 1993. Pacific 1991, Skybox 1992, Action Packed 1990.
Acquired: In Person 9/13/2015, Houston Texans v. Kansas City Chiefs. 10/30/2016, Houston Texans v. Detroit Lions.
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Bubba was at the Churrascos Pregame brunch with Curtis Duncan. It’d mark the first time that I’d meet him in person suprisingly- after all the School of the Legends (now defunct) discussions we had. I had quite a stack of cards and had hoped to get him at the Oilers 25th Anniversary Party but he had a last second commitment that prevented him from attending.  He’s even more engaging than I remember from the videos, and he was nice enough to take the time to sign a few cards for me from the stack.

Again it was a shame that ProSet made this switch mid-set to this design in 1992. Either look was okay with me for the time, but not in the same set. It’s a great full body photo of the hard hitting defensive back. His Score 1989 notwithstanding was one that I’ve tried getting autographed on numerous occasions but it got eaten by the mail gods. I never found this one until a few weeks ago and added it to the stack. It’s an oldie, with a purple frame and white marquee that leaves much to be desired. Still it’s his earliest rookie card. This GameDay 1993 card is a sizzling shot of Bubba. I mistakenly thought it was from the Bears game earlier that season when he took the ball to the house at the end of the half on Monday Night, but in reality it was one of the more grim days in Oilers history- a game referred to as ‘The Comeback’. Bubba intercepted this pass and returned it 58 yards for a score to make the game 35-7, before the Bills furious rally.

The next year, I went with my wife to the Texans v. Detroit Lions game. Bubba was among the selected players to appear in the fan zone, right inside the stadium gates, but outside of the stadium to give autographs. It was a long hike to the front of the stadium from our seats. The next problem I faced was that if you already have entered the stadium, you can not exit the stadium- even to go to the fan zone. It seemed asinine, but in this day and age of security I understood. After a brief conversation with the head of ticketing, they let me go through. Bubba was seated with former Oiler, Charlie ‘The Razor’ Frazier.

Unwilling to press my luck for more than three autographed cards, I selected the Pacific, Skybox, and Action Packed cards from my lot and let it rip. Bubba told me that he had a lot of great memories- fun memories- especially of former head coach Jerry Glanville.


Beebe, Don

pac91 beebeCards: Pacific 1991, Pro Set 1989, Topps 1990.
Acquired: TTM 2013, C/o Home
Sent: 1/7       Received: 1/25  (18 days)

Don Beebe is a wide receiver best known for his Super Bowl moment, (during his stint with the Buffalo Bills,) when he swatted a football out of Dallas Cowboys Leon Lett’s embarrassed hands in Super Bowl XXVII.

Don sorta came out of nowhere, playing only two years of college football for Western Illinois (1987) and then at Chadron State (1988). While playing at Chadron, Don had 49 receptions for 906 yards and 13 touchdowns. With his breathtaking speed, Beebe averaged 18.5 yards per catch, and 25 yards per kick return, taking an additional ball to the house. His performance for the Eagles earned him Little All-America second team honors, and an invite to the NFL combine. He wowed the scouts there with his incredible speed, leaping, and work ethic, translating his efforts to a 3rd round pick of the Buffalo Bills in the deep 1989 draft. (In fact, it was so pset89 beebesurprising, that Pro Set struggled to find a photo of  Don settling for this granulated photo of him on his rookie prospect card.)

Don made his first catch against the Houston Oilers- a 63 yard barn burning touchdown. He then repeated the effort with another 63 yarder against the Dolphins that next month. He’d finish his rookie season with 17 receptions for 317 yards, an 18.5 yard average, and those 2 touchdowns. Occasionally Beebe got some time at returner his rookie season, posting an 85 yard kickoff return against the Falcons. His 1990 season was marred by injury and sitting behind incumbents Andre Reed and James Lofton didn’t help. Still he managed 11 catches for 221 yards and a touchdown. 1991 was a great season for Beebe, as he’d record a career high 6 touchdowns on 32 receptions. Through 1994 Beebe was pretty automatic to lock in for 30+ receptions recording a career high 40 in that final season with the Bills.

In 1995 the expansion Carolina Panthers were building their roster, and offered Beebe a free agent contract. While he played to90 beebesparingly that single season in Carolina making just 14 receptions for 152 yards, the team boasted a decent receiving corps led by Mark Carrier, Willie Green, and Eric Guliford. Don was cut after the season.

Don’s final two seasons were spent at Lambeau as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Returning to form in 1996, with Brett Favre at the helm, Beebe recorded 39 receptions for a career high 699 yards and 4 touchdowns, in 6 starts. Also after his Superbowl heartbreaking stint in Buffalo, Don finally got his ring in after the season. He’d play one final season in 1997 and retire. It is of note that in 5 out of his 9 seasons, Beebe caught a long pass greater than 60 yards.

A well rounded and respected member of the NFL community, Don is the maestro of operations for “The House of Speed”. He also coaches high school football, and has written a book about his journey to the NFL titled: “Six Rings from Nowhere”. Don suffered numerous hits over his playing career including a frightening one against Browns safety Felix Wright during the NFL Playoffs where he landed on his head (Pro Set 1990 card). Beebe has suffered numerous concussions over his playing time in the NFL and is one of the major names lending credence to the current concussion related lawsuit.

G/Gs  116/51      Rec 219     Yds 3416      Avg 15.6     Td 23      Lg 80t
Kr 81     Yds  1735     Avg 21.4     Td 1    Lg 90t