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Rozier, Mike (2)

Cards: Score 1990, Action Packed 1990, Upper Deck Legends 1997, Panini Contenders 2018
Acquired: 2012 Akron Acquisition, TTM 2019, C/o Home
Sent: 1/15/19 Received: 1/22/19 (7 days)
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Slowly I had been working my way back around to Mike after about a 9 year layoff or so. I had been sold the Score 1990 card as part of a big lot of cards from the Akron Acquisition- so I needed a few more to fill out the ranks. Mike is another one of these players I didn’t want to see in his other NFL uniform (Falcons in this case). He still had some great Oilers cards I wanted to get signed- and once I got the Upper Deck 1997 card -in 2018, I made the decision to write him again. To seal the deal I also pulled this Panini Contenders card of him and put it aside for send out since I’ve gotten a few autographs recently around that set.

High grades for his Legends card from Upper Deck. Love the sports photography and how its got that nice action blur in the background. Far too often I’ve noticed photos where the people in the background are clear as day and distract from the player. In this case- this photo feels like a training or mini camp shot. I think the bushy trees give it away. Still, it’s a nice piece.

Mike’s Action Packed 1990 card is okay. I think it’s typical of AP at that time with that distance of framing images, but in this case, I feel like the image should’ve been pulled back a bit. Was Mike diving for a TD? Reaching out from a pile? Struggling to get back to the line of scrimmage? The design like all AP from 90 was simple and elegant however.

The Score 1990 set was a letdown from 89. I mean nothing could top what they did in that first set. The design here is nice, but the bordering with the logo is a bit heavy. The neon green marquee feels a bit unnecessary and forced. I kept wondering, “What does purple have to do with the Oilers?” It’s a decent action shot but I question Mike’s sense of dress as his thermal shirt sleeves are quite dated.

No question the Panini Contenders Draft Picks set has grown on me over the last… year or so. While I find it a bit over designed it’s a set that has a good selection of names in it. This shot however of Mike is terrible. He just looks like he’s jogging off the field to the sidelines.

Marshall, Trey

Card: Panini Contenders 2018
Acquired: 2018, Box Breaker

Trey Marshall is another defensive back from FSU. While both Texas and LSU claim hegemony over defensive backs, Florida State over the past few years has been on somewhat of a roll. Sort of an afterthought to then starter Derwin James at safety, Trey came in in a pinch for the Seminoles during 2016, and recorded 58 tackles. Playing in 9 contests as a Senior in 2017, he had 44 tackles and 2 tackles for loss. An aggressive in the box safety, Marshall only had 6 pass deflections over his career and no interceptions. Still his physical tools graded out well enough that the Broncos decided to bring Trey into camp. He impressed enough to be brought back on the team’s practice squad for 2018, and was promoted to the regular season roster at the end of the year. Through 2019 he has 25 tackles, and is 1/1 on fumble recoveries.

Watts, Armani

Card: Panini Contenders 2018
Acquired: 2018, Box Breaker

Armani Watts was a 4-year starter at free safety for the Texas A&M Aggies from 2014-2017. He had a nose for the ball, recording 324 combined career tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, and 10 interceptions (17 pass deflections). 

He’d be selected during the 2018 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs, during round 4. Armani impressed enough during camp to make the final 52 roster. He finished 2018 with 5 combined tackles and a sack.

I like the design of this card, but its greatest strength is its greatest weakness in this case. Armani’s autograph at the bottom of the card is uninspiring or disappointing to say the least and you can tell by this point he was tired of signing autograph stickers.