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Pierce, Doug

tntafl14 pierceCard: TNT AFL 2014
Acquired: 2014, IP San Antonio Talons vs. New Orleans Voodoo

Doug Pierce is a lanky and large prospect out of Friends College. He’s joined the AFL to make his football dreams come true. Playing for the Falcons in college Doug recorded 91 catches for 1,693 yards and 20 touchdowns in two years.

After college, Doug had tryouts with both the Titans and Vikings, later joining the Sabrecats prior to the 2012 AFL season, but finally landed on Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers, where he spent two seasons. In 2013, he played for the Wichita Wild, and later to the Pittsburgh Power, before joining the San Antonio Talons for 2014.

Getting some valuable playtime in during the Iowa Barnstormers game, he caught two touchdown passes, including a rainbow bomb from Shane Boyd.  He finished the season with 36 receptions for 462 yards and 8 touchdowns, including a 42 yarder.

Berry, PJ ‘Superman’ (2)

tntafl14 berryCard:  TNT AFL Talons 2014
Acquired: IP 5/17/14, San Antonio Talons vs. New Orleans Voodoo
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PJ Berry is a model for the AFL as far as I’ve observed. He’s exciting to watch, posts big numbers, and above all else is extremely fan friendly. At games, I always see him talking to other fans, letting young kids hold his helmet, and he always gives a shout out to everybody in the stands to make them feel special and unique. That is the type of player that the league should tout. I lament at the fact it appears that PJ has never had his jersey printed for general fan consumption and hope that the AFL can capitalize off of this.

After a slow start, the team traded Jomo Wilson back to the Jacksonville Sharks. This cleared the way for Berry to start opposite DJ Stephens at receiver. In the meantime PJ tore it up on returns. With lightening speed and fluid hips, Berry’s greatest assets are his vision and ability to turn on a dime.

I made it down to the field after the Voodoo game and gave PJ his new card, which he really liked a lot. I’m glad I replaced the previous photo I had of Berry. This is a solid shot of him. I got a couple of requests for PJ’s card I went ahead and fulfilled for other fans. It always makes me feel good that other fans might just appreciate my work.  PJ had a decent season in 2014, but probably not up to his monster statistic levels. He finished with 61 receptions for 809 yards and 10 TDs, to go along with 36 kick returns for 689 yards, and 2 touchdowns, powering the Talons to one of the top ranked return units in the league.

Jones, Colton

tntafl14 cjones

Card: Top Notch Talons 2014
Acquired: 2014 IP, San Antonio Talons vs New Orleans Voodoo

I went to the San Antonio Talons Season Ticket Holders Party in San Antonio earlier in the year, where I got the autographs of many of the players on my custom cards. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by a cadre of big men, led by Colton, who complained about me not having a card of them. Being the fair guy I am I exchanged contact information with Colton and promised him that I’d crank out a card of him before he knew it. I got to work and before I knew it, I had made cards for nearly the 2014 team- front and back. The next game I could make it down to was the Barnstormers event, -so I was in for a long wait.  In the meantime I networked out to other players on the team on Twitter and prepared to have some fun.

When I arrived at the Barnstormers game, I got tickets in the area called the “player’s endzone’. That is the nickname for the side of the field where the players have their seating areas at. It’s a great spot if you want an upfront experience with players. I made my way down to the front of the stands and Colton came through with a beaming smile, called me by name and told me that he hadn’t forgotten me. We planned to do the exchange after the game during the autograph session, but that’s when irony would interscede. Midway through the contest, Colton, blew his knee out and had to be carted off the field. While the injury ended his 2014 season, Colton and I were able to catch up via email, and we made plans for the Voodoo game in two weeks.

Despite his injury Jones was indeed in good spirits. Let’s not lie: This is a sexy big man card. The scan just doesn’t do this card I designed justice. He was really happy to have his card, and I let him know that he was the catalyst that got me going to make cards for not only him but the rest of his teammates. He told me that when I was a rich man some day, the only thing he’d like is some royalties, but in the meantime to keep in touch.

A solid technician with a solid one-two punch, Colton started 32 games at guard under highly respected former Washington Redskin Monte Coleman at Arkansas-Pine Bluff. During his Senior season in 2011, Jones was named team captain, – a season in which he recorded 35 pancake blocks. He joined the AFL in 2013, with the Pittsburgh Power and saw action in 3 contests as a rookie.  In 2014, Colton joined the San Antonio Talons, and won the starting nod at center in training camp.